Eating out in Berlin! The visitor to town is spoilt for choice here. Up to a couple of years ago, Berlin had the fame of being a gastronomic diaspora. But this has changed dramatically because Berlin boasts now with award-winning chefs, fantastic gourmet restaurants, solid regional and Berlin cuisine, countless cooking styles from all over the world but also a nice scope of snack varieties like the famous currywurst, the kebab or tasty burgers. On top of that there are numerous of cosy cafes, popular restaurant destinations and lakeside restaurants. The Top10 Team has only one tip for you: Enjoy!
  • American Diner

    American Diner

    "The American way of life" is still a dream for many people. But at least where the food is concerned, you will get lucky in Berlin. Countless restaurants and diners offer traditional dishes like spare ribs, burger and steaks. The question remains where to get the best tasting burger however. Which restaurant offers the most authentical ambience that you see in US movies? The Top10 Berlin team has found them: the 10 best American Diners with real American food!

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  • Asian Restaurants

    Asian Restaurants

    Berlin offers a wide range of Asian restaurants and Asian inspired restaurants. Here we have good Pan Asian restaurants and those that specialize on certain regions and their cuisine. Picking the best ten is nearly impossible. Therefor our Top10 editors came up with ten extraordinary Asian restaurants which follow different food concepts. We opted for the classy Asian cuisine for gourmets by Tim Raue at Hotel Adlon, as well as posh Japanese cuisine and the hipster restaurant that offers fine Japanese dishes. The Akemi even tries to lift ones mood. Fusion food is when Spanish tapas meet Korean cuisine, and don’t forget about Asian street food or a huge Pan Asian buffet. You see – in Berlin you’ll easily be spoilt for choice.

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  • Austrian Restaurants

    Austrian Restaurants

    Kaiserschmarrn (a sugared pancake), Backhendl (roasted chicken), spinach dumplings or beef goulash - Austrian cuisine is most definitely not low in calories, but it is absolutely tasty and soul-food of the purest kind. Complete your meal with a select wine from an Austrian winery and you end up with a perfect evening with friends or your significant other. Berlin has a number of Austrian restaurants with local cuisine ranging from Southern Tyrole to the heartland, all of them doing their best to bring their culinary best to their Berlin guests. Additional restaurants with Austrian cuisine can be found in our list for genuine restaurants with genuine Wiener Schnitzel.

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  • Bakeries with great bread

    Bakeries with great bread

    After the Berlin Wall came down, many established bakeries in Berlin had to fight for survival. Many didn't make it and you got the feeling that bread and bread rolls in Berlin came exclusively from large bakery chains. Fortunately, the tide has turned. Those bakeries which held out are enjoying more and more business. Due to a new generation of customers looking for good bread, healthy bread rolls and individual cake creations who don't shy away from a slightly higher price for outstanding quality.

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  • Beer Gardens

    Beer Gardens

    The beer gardens of Berlin have their very own charm. Traditional, rustic garden restaurants next to smaller and rather unknown venues offer countless possibilities to unwind from the busy day while having a beer outside in the evening. Most of the times they also offer small snacks like the famous Berlin Boulette, Pretzels or other food going well with a beer. This is like getting away from the ratrace for a little holiday.

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  • Berlin Breweries

    Berlin Breweries

    Self brewed beer as well as solid traditional German food is what you can expect when visiting one of the many beer pubs in Berlin. Many of them offer tours through their very own brewery and beer lovers will get great insights about the making of. But of course you can also go there just to grab a pint and enjoy some fine ale.

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  • Berlin Restaurants

    Berlin Restaurants

    Down to earth, hearty and above all: satiating - this is what Berlin-style food is all about. Between the culinary temptations from all over the world, the menus of the old-Berlin style restaurants offer a refreshing difference. Are you curious about Teltow Beets, Eel on green herb sauce, cutlet in jelly or true classics like the Berlin burger "Bulette" or pork knuckle with mashed peas? Enjoy all of them in the Top10 List of the best restaurants with Berlin-cuisine.

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  • Best Deal Lunch

    Best Deal Lunch

    If you are looking the best lunch deal in Mitte, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, you will not run short of options. The variety on offer goes from healthy and tasty vegan organic food to Mexican burritos to honest stews and cheese spätzle. Since normally time is equally important as the price, the team of Top10 Berlin has put both elements on the scale when researching this list. Tug in and enjoy our tips for an economic lunch - they'll make both your stomach and your wallet happy!

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  • Boat Restaurants

    Boat Restaurants

    Ships and boats always have a unique atmosphere, eventhough they may have come up in age. In Berlin, you will find a lot of boats moored and used as restaurants. These restaurant boats are interesting to locals and tourists alike. You sit at your table with a view of the water and sometimes you can even take in particular sights as side show while enjoying your food and drink. Any type of restaurant can be found - from fully-fledged restaurants to quick snacks. Have fun posing as a sailor, marvelling at the sights but above all enjoying the culinary creations!

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  • Breakfast Cafés

    Breakfast Cafés

    During the week there is little time for a relaxing breakfast in a café in Berlin. That's why on Sundays most people pamper themselves with a sumptuous breakfast. It doesn't matter if you are into a healthy, a frugal or an opulent breakfast: Berlin's cafés and restaurants treat their guests like royalty with scrambled eggs, fresh croissants, sweet pancakes, antipasti, orange juice and much more.

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  • Burger


    Where can you get the best burgers in Berlin? We ate our way all through the various burger restaurants sampling classics like the cheeseburger or the BBQ burger but also did not shy way from testing vegetarian burgers. Many burger restaurants offer in addition to the standard beef burger (and that even as organic or Black Angus beef) also rather exotic meat choices like octopus, ostrich or Halloumi-Portobello. Often you get it spiced up with gorgonzola-rucola, bacon guacamole or a mango fresh sauce as topping - whatever you might desire. Another important factor for us was the quality of the fries to provide for a perfect burger experience. Some places tweak their fries with a rosemary-parmesan mixture or even cut them from sweet potatoes. Enjoy the Top10 Burger Restaurants of Berlin!

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  • Business Lunch and Dinner

    Business Lunch and Dinner

    Find the right place with the right atmosphere for a business lunch is often an ingredient to success. A tranquil yet stylish ambience, fine cuisise and a rich variety of various lunch menus are some of the criteria Top10 Berlin used to find the best restaurants for a good business lunch.

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  • Cafés for Coffee Fans

    Cafés for Coffee Fans

    It's no secret to coffee fans that their favourite beverage comes with a greater variety of flavours and fragrances than wine. These special flavours do not stem from adding syrups to the brew but from first-class Barista work! Genuine coffee fans don't go to get their flavour fix from big franchises, they rather opt for a more personal atmosphere far off the beaten track, where quality and dedication to coffee still mean something. For this very reason the team of Top10 Berlin has gone on a quest to find the best cafés with the best brews in town. We've come across genuine master baristas which do not only now how to make a perfect crema but actually take great pleasure in teaching you all they know about coffee. What it will be for us? A Caffè Latte and a Flat please - to go of course!

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  • Cake shops and cafés

    Cake shops and cafés

    You have the extended family splash in for a visit on Sunday? No time to make a cake or your cakes just don't turn out that you want to serve them to anybody? On top of that all supermarkets are closed? Turn to the professionals, because master confectioners are truly masters of their trade, even better than your grandma's cakes! Find out the best places for cake in Berlin! Either at professional cake shops or in a nice café.

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  • Candle Light Dinners for Lovers

    Candle Light Dinners for Lovers

    It does not matter if you have just fallen in love recently or already have been together for years. A candle light dinner is always a nice way to celebrate your love and surprise your special someone. Needless to say, it should be in a particular restaurant in a truly romantic ambience. Top10Berlin has come up with a number of suggestions for place for an unfotgettable candle light dinner.

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  • Celebrity Restaurants

    Celebrity Restaurants

    Berlin is also Germany's capital for celebrities. Quite a lot of them live here but also international stars regularly swing by. Opening nights of movies, the Berlin International Film Festival, lots of concerts and musicals premieres - all this and more brings the stars to town. You are certain to bump into a well-known figure in one of these restaurants. Even George Clooney and Brad Pitt cannot resist some fine cuisine in a lovely atmosphere.

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  • Christmas Dinner and Roast Goose

    Christmas Dinner and Roast Goose

    Many tourists that come to Berlin and wonder what might be a traditional Christmas dinner. Some regions of Germany such as Berlin and Brandenburg are quite well known for roasted goose or duck. In Berlin, traditionally the goose seasons starts with Martinmas. Thus, many of the traditional restaurants in Berlin also start the pre-Christmas season with a roasted goose menu on St. Martin’s Day. Many restaurants in Berlin and Brandenburg traditionally offer either goose leg or goose breast with red cabbage, kale and potato dumplings. Before Christmas countless restaurants serve tasty menus that add different specialties to the roast goose. Some restaurants even offer an entire goose on Martinmas or for Christmas which will be carved up right at your table. Should you feel like enjoying the traditional German Christmas food in the comfort of your home, roast goose dinners can even be delivered home to your door as “goose-to-go.” This delivery service is super-handy on Christmas Eve and during the holiday season. In any case, the team of Top10 Berlin wishes you the best of joy with our list of the 10 best restaurants for roast goose in Berlin, be it for Martin’s Day or Christmas.

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  • Coffee Roasters

    Coffee Roasters

    The scent of the famous black coffee bean has always exerted a great fascination, vitalized and bewitched. Many Berlin coffee-makers have devoted their passion and love to coffee, experimenting and fiddling with different roasts and degrees of coffee beans. The raw materials are carefully selected; the coffee used for the in-house roasts comes from distant regions of Latin America, Africa or Arabia. We give an insight into the Berlin world of coffees and introduce you to our list of 10 best coffee estates in the city.

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  • Crêpes and Waffles

    Crêpes and Waffles

    Crêpes and waffless come in a wide range of flavours to suit every palate: classic sweet with sugar and cinnamon, Nutella and banana, savoury bacon and cheese or more unusually prawns with sweetcorn. Crêpes, waffles and the French galette are no longer just a tasty fairground snack in Berlin but can now be found on the menues of most small specialtiy restaurants. But where to go for the tastiest, freshest and most unusual crêpes and waffles in Berlin? Look no further than Top 10 Berlin.

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  • Currywurst Stalls

    Currywurst Stalls

    January 21st 1959 was the historical day when the legendary currywurst sauce - invented by Herta Heuwer - got listed in the patent roll. The invention of the original Berlin Currywurst took place nearly at the same time. Ever since countless currywurst stalls have served their customers. Most will know the legendary classic stalls, "Curry 36" and "Konnopke" - these stalls are always worth a visit. But also the remaining 8 places have their very own profile and enjoy cult status is Germany's capital.

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  • Delis


    Looking for a snack in between that’s not just a hot dog or kebab? We were looking for sit-down restaurants where you can get delicious food that will provide for premium fast food such as bagels, tasty avocado or Pastrami sandwiches or Polish pirogi. The selection we made offers great meals that will definitely satisfy your appetite – and you will be probably screaming for seconds even if you didn’t think you where that hungry before.

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  • Falafel


    Berlin is know for its culinary diversity. You'll find anything your heart desires, and on every corner you'll get fast food such as Döner kebap and curry sausage, but another famous snack is the falafel. The fried chickpea balls with herbs and spices have been brought to Berlin by the Arabian cuisine and quickly became a vegetarian alternative to the others. By now there are many snack bars where you can order the dish. Falafel in a pita sandwich, with many sides on a plate or was a wrap. It goes aloung with tasty humus and dressings, fresh lettuce and pickled vegetables. It's pretty hard to name the ten best places to get falafel when there are so many in a city like Berlin. We decided on a variety that is multifaced. Traditional or refreshingly new, as a take-away in a hip neighborhood or while sitting in a nice restaurant - doesn't matter as long as it tastes good.

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  • Fine Dining Restaurants

    Fine Dining Restaurants

    Berlin's fine dining restaurants combine the best of both worlds: a select ambience for nice conversations in a tranquil atmosphere while enjoying a special menu. For a special occasion like a wedding anniversary, a birthday, a promotion, a business dinner or even your engagement, you just have to step up from your normal trip to the Italian restaurant on the corner. The Top10 Berlin team has made a list with the ideal choice of sophisticated restaurants for just these special occasions.

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  • Fish Restaurants

    Fish Restaurants

    Taste may differ as we know. While there are people who will try fish and sea food of all kinds, there are also folks who would not eat anything coming out of the water. Berlin's fish restaurants are prepared for all eventualities and the team of Top10 Berlin has assumed the herculean task of testing them all. Where can you get the freshest salmon, lobster, shrimp or pikeperch? Let us present you the winners: the best fish restaurants in Berlin!

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  • Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen yogurt is Berlin's coolest summer refreshment trend! But where do you find the best toppings like like elderflower sauce, pieces of brownies and fresh fruit to go along with the low-fat frozen yogurt? Or is there even an option for "All You Can Top" so you don't have to choose at all? Are there stores for organic frozen yogurt? What about lactose-free frozen yogurt for vegans or people with food allergies? All of this and more was researched by the team of Top10 Berlin, we got our hands dirty and ate our way through the cards of the 10 best shops for frozen yogurt in town. Our conclusion: frozen yogurt is absolutely delicious and also the colourful shops are a blast. Have fun checking out our recommendations!

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  • Garden Breakfast

    Garden Breakfast

    Meeting up with friends or family on the weekend and really celebrating breakfast is truly a piece of luxury in your everyday life. The best place for doing so is of course out in the green, in a park or beautiful garden, far away from the hustle and noise of the city. We've found the ten best outside breakfast locations for you - among them also some real insiders' tips, both for early birds and for those who like to sleep in on weekends.

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  • Gourmet Restaurants

    Gourmet Restaurants

    There are some evenings, when you just want to treat yourself with a very special menu created by the award-winning Berlin chefs since Gault-Millau and Michelin cannot be wrong. Sometimes though you will see a menu whose parts at first glance do not seem to go together. What does sea urchin sauce taste like and do red beet and horse radish really go together? Their new culinary ideas are creative, surprising and still - especially for lunch specials - quite affordable. Why not treat yourself next time at one of the restaurants from our Top10 list of the best gourmet restaurants in Berlin!

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  • Greek Restaurants

    Greek Restaurants

    There are plenty of Greek restaurants in Berlin. Gyros and Mousaka are probably the most famous dishes the Greek cuisine has to offer, but there are traditional specialties such as Meze – Greek starters – that attract more and more people outside Greece. Top10 Berlin came up with the ten most unique Greek restaurants the city has to offer. They’re not what you can normally expect in a city like Berlin, but they represent the variety of Greek cuisine and combine taste with a special ambience. Accompanied by Greek wine or the traditional Ouzo you can expect just the best food. Enjoy an “jamas”!

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  • Ice Cream Parlours and Cafés

    Ice Cream Parlours and Cafés

    The best ice cream parlours and cafés in Berlin serve more than just scoops of ice cream in a cone to go. If you dream about a place to sit down in the sun to dig into opulent ice cream sundeas with whipped cream, lots of fresh fruits und wafers you should study Top 10 Berlin’s guide of the “coolest” cafés in town offering ice cream desserts deluxe. For example enjoy ice cream parlour classics like a strawberry milkshake, banana split or the German specialty “spaghetti ice cream” - containing vanilla ice cream looking like spaghettis, strawberry sauce and coconut or white chocolate flakes imitating parmesan cheese (a kiddo’s all time favourite!). Some of the presented locations even create entire cakes out of ice cream or combine baked goods like brioche or Italian frutti di bosco cake with gelato. And on a hot day, an iced coffee (i.e. cold coffee with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream) or a frappé (contains ice cubes and sometimes extra flavours) is hard to beat.

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  • Ice Cream Shops

    Ice Cream Shops

    What are the ten best ice cream shops in Berlin? Not an easy task with over 500 ice cream palors in the city! Berlin's best ice cream shops take great pride in the fact that no chemicals are added to their creations. They even think about vegans and people with lactose-intolerance (think of refreshing sorbets!). Flavours range from classic to exotic. What about straying from the normal "strawberry-chocolate-vanilla" combination to something different, for example ice cream of white chocolate with orange and ginger? Or Peruvian Inka ice cream made from Lúcuma fruits? For the true dare-devils: GuZiMi, made from cucumbers, lemon and mint? If that is a tad bit too daring for you, not a problem either. Just try a scoop of vanilla ice cream par excellence made with genuine vanilla from Paris or even Madagascar without any artificial flavours or colourants! In a nutshell: Top10 Berlin hopes you enjoy your ice cream!

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  • Indian Restaurants

    Indian Restaurants

    The Top10 team presents the 10 best Indian restaurants in Berlin. The Indian cuisine is becoming more and more popular. There are many Indian restaurants in Berlin now. This is a gain for the city as barely a kitchen style is as diverse as the Indian cuisine, with such distinctive flavors ranging from exotic to spicy. The presented restaurants differ from the usual notions of Indian restaurants and are characterized by a particularly authentic and original cuisine. Here the taste buds are seduced in a special way, not only with exotic spices, but often with a special concept. In the list you will also get to know where to enjoy a good curry in all variations, an airy Bhatura or a tasty Tandoori chicken. Another advantage of the Indian cuisine: The food is ready in no time and mostly cheap!

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  • International Tapas

    International Tapas

    Tapas are tasty dishes, mostly from the Mediterranean areas, which are served along with wine as small portions in so called tapas bars. Many international restaurants or dining bars from Berlin have discovered the likes of those small portions that are perfect to try and share. These days tapas do not necessarily have to be from the Spanish or Mediterranean cuisine, but as well German, Asian or just internationally inspired. This Top10 list for international tapas in Berlin will guarantee some delicious treats and culinary delight.

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  • Italian Restaurants

    Italian Restaurants

    The Italian restaurant on the corner of your block is a place, where you just feel at home. Be it a trattoria or an osteria where an Italian Mamma is working the pots and pans herself, you'll enjoy their food, be greeted with a personal handshake, your kids are welcome too and the places are not overdone stylish but simply cosy. Italian food enjoys great popularity in Berlin and about every local has his or her own favourite Italian restaurant in Berlin. The team of Top10 Berlin has located 10 wonderful Italian restaurants, each one with its own specialties and all of them with what it takes to be your "favourite Italian".

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  • Kebab Shops

    Kebab Shops

    Finding the ten best kebab shops - formally known as Döner - in Berlin is not really an easy task, since there are more than 1,000 places selling them in Germany's (kebab) capital. We tried to locate the ten best places, each one of them with a different focus thus explaining the Berlin's enormous kebab variety. One thing is clear: a kebab is as Berlin as can be! The fast snack of meat, veggies, crispy bread and tasty sauces was invented in Berlin in the early 1970s. Orginally, only mutton or lamb was used, today in Berlin you can find kebabs made of veal, minced meat and chicken, too. Tug in while exploring out Top10 kebab shops of Berlin!

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  • New German Cuisine

    New German Cuisine

    The German cuisine has liberated itself from the dusty image of traditional house-cooking long ago and has become refined and modern. No longer only tourists, but also locals decide for the German cuisine out of the evening restaurant selection. More and more restaurants with typical German dishes are also popular among a young, trendy Berlin audience. In addition to Mitte and Charlottenburg, the guests can also enjoy an inspiring New German Cuisine in the trendy restaurants in Kreuzberg and Neukölln and eat innovative versions of well-known dishes such as beef roulade, veal cutlet and Königsberger meat balls.

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  • New Year's Eve Dinner

    New Year's Eve Dinner

    Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a festive New Year's Eve dinner in one of the gourmet restaurants in Berlin and experience the turn of the year with a great gourmet experience! On New Year's Eve, Berlin's fine dining and gourmet restaurants will really be showing off with their gala dinners and fine menus: Caviar, scallops and truffles are not uncommon in the noble New Year's Eve menu in Berlin. And even the finest champagne to toast at midnight must not be missing. The best New Year's Eve meals in Berlin, recommended by the Top10 editorial staff!

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  • Oriental Restaurants

    Oriental Restaurants

    In Berlin you will find a variety of Turkish and other Oriental influenced or inspired restaurants. Hummus, stuffed vine leaves, marinated eggplants, couscous, grilled lamb and cold and warm starters like Meze are no longer exotic in Berlin, but can be found in many restaurants. The Top10 Berlin editorial team presents a variety of oriental restaurants, each with its own focus and yet showing the versatility of oriental cuisine. The interior of the presented restaurants is very different from traditional to trendy modern. Have fun discovering the oriental restaurants in Berlin.

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  • Pasta


    Pasta is most definitely soulfood and Berlin has a lot of it. There are countless restaurants - and not only Italian ones - specializing in pasta, making their own pasta dough and coming up with creative sauces and fillings. We have asked our readers and users for their personal experiences and tips and put the recommendations to the test. The result is our Top10 for pasta in Berlin - enjoy and dig in!

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  • Pizza


    Pizza is also a food favourite in Berlin - be it in the classical round shape, by the metre, vegetarian or with Salami, in a posh restaurant or a slice from one of the many "Pizza to go" places around town. Berlin's pizza landscape is so diverse that it is really easy to get lost. We have asked our readers and users for their favourite places and put them to the test. The following Top10 has won favours with both our users and the team of Top10 Berlin.

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  • Popular Restaurants by the Water

    Popular Restaurants by the Water

    A Berliner Weisse, a nice Boulette or a cup of coffee with cake, splendid sunshine and a nice view - is there anything more you can ask for? Berlin's restaurants by the water are popular trip destinations, they stand for heartfelt hospitality with genuine Berlin lingo, far away from having the supercool chill factor and the glamour of Mitte - just purely down to Earth. Please find here the list of the most popular restaurants for a day out by the water.

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  • Restaurants for original Wiener Schnitzel

    Restaurants for original Wiener Schnitzel

    The Wiener Schnitzel has its eternal place on the list of favourite foods ever! Berlin has a lot of restaurants offering this alpine classic on their menu. However, only if the meat is the finest veal available, it deserves to be called Wiener Schnitzel. Still - where do you get the best Schnitzel in town? Which of them comes closest to the original? Berlin has lots of restaurants but here comes the list for the 10 best Wiener Schnitzel in town. If you dig Austrian food in general, why not try some of the places on your list for Austrian restaurants?.

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  • Restaurants for Special Occasions

    Restaurants for Special Occasions

    A special rendez-vous, the wedding day, the birthday of an especially dear person or an engagement party or a business dinner, we often look for very beautiful and exciting restaurants with exclusive ambience to spend a special evening. Upscale cuisine, sparkling atmosphere and a pleasant stay are guaranteed in the following Top10 Berlin Restaurants for Special Occasions.

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  • Restaurants with Dinner Show

    Restaurants with Dinner Show

    Berlin offers a cornucopia of extraordinary restaurants with dinner shows, a crime menu, a medieval restautant as well as the combination of comedy and food. Or what about dining in pitch-black darkness in a dark restaurant? Just scan through out Top10 of the most extraordinary restaurants in Berlin and spend an unforgettable evening in one of them. One thing is sure: outstanding food in a very special atmosphere will make a dinner there unforgettable. The list for all who want to have more than "just a dinner"! Just going out for eating is not enough for many people. No matter if you are looking for a spooky place, dining in darkness or even in lofty heights - in Berlin you will find just the right restaurant to match your special evening. One thing remains certain: enjoying a dinner in one of these extraordinary places will make this evening a night to remember!

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  • Restaurants with Fireplace

    Restaurants with Fireplace

    The sky over Berlin is dark and grey. It's freezing, your hands are numb and the faces of the people in the street are far from happy. There are, however, a couple of places in the city of Berlin, where the weary Berliner can recharge his batteries with cosy warmth. Cafés and restaurants with a fireplace are just the place to be in winter.

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  • Rooftop Restaurants with a View

    Rooftop Restaurants with a View

    Where are the restaurants which combine a stunning view of Berlin with a nice rooftop terrace for those upcoming warm summer nights? The team of Top10 Berlin has scouted for just these panorama locations for you. Anything from an award-winning restaurant for the more sophisticated taste with a view of Berlin to a rooftop terrace to have coffee and cake in the heart of Berlin's tourist area - we've got it all.

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  • Snack to Go

    Snack to Go

    In Berlin you will find snack bars and fast food chains in almost every corner. There are several offers for stressed big city dwellers as well as for tourists who can easily tolerate a snack “to go” in between sightseeing and shopping. With our snack to go list we offer a selection of exceptional or particularly delicious dishes that can be taken with you after an intense workout or on the way to clubbing. Everything yummy can be found in the list: from colorful donuts to healthy smoothie bowls or gnocchi with goat cheese-honey-walnut-filling.

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  • Special Brunch

    Special Brunch

    It's Sunday and you are looking for a special brunch? Berlin is the right city for it: no matter if it's a jazz brunch, a family brunch including fun for the kids or a sophisticated lunch with champagne and caviar - with our Top10 list for the best special brunches in Berlin, your next breakfast will be a total highlight!

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  • Steak Houses

    Steak Houses

    Medium, rare or well done - that's a question which all friends of a good steak know fully well. Most of you will be familiar with names like Maredo and Block House but where else in town can you find a good steak with a large variety to choose from? In which restaurant does the steak really melt on your tounge? The Top10Team has looked all over town for steak restaurants in proper style which treat their guests with a steak you will never forget.

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  • Street Food Markets and Food Trucks

    Street Food Markets and Food Trucks

    Street food markets and food trucks really do have become a trend in Berlin for discovering new flavours from all over the world in a sophisticated way. No matter if it is Iberian steamed pork, Thai tapioka dumplings or Vietnamese porridge - you're nearly speechless at all the variety. However, also classics like cheese Spätzle or the good old burger don't fall by the wayside. The operators of the food trucks - new speak for mobile snack stalls - find new interpretations for most every dish. If you want to discover the places yourself: The team of Top10 Berlin has compiled a list of the best street food markets in Berlin for you.

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  • Sunday Brunch

    Sunday Brunch

    A leisurely brunch on a weekend is the ideal opportunity to catch up with family and friends. Share the latest news or gossip over a meal and something to drink. Is there any better way to start a Saturday or a Sunday?

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  • Sunshine Cafés

    Sunshine Cafés

    Isn't it just great to feel the warm sun on your skin? What about sitting in a calm café without any traffic noise and getting the best of both worlds: a nice latte with a sudden rush of serotonin caused by the Berlin sun. Where are the cafés with nice terraces, sunny courts or just plain sunshine? The team of Top10 Berlin has come up with a list for you. Important: Don't forget wearing a hat and using sunscreen - we don't want you to get a sunburn!

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  • Superfood


    Recently, the Clean Eating Trend has arrived in Berlin. More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle and "Healthy Living" is no longer just a hashtag on Instagram. Superfoods like Chia Seed and Co. are no longer limited to the blogs of yoga enthusiasts. The gastronomy has also adopted the superfood trend and there are more and more restaurants and shops where you can find a wide range of food and beverages that do not include additives such as flavor enhancers or dyes and are as natural as possible. The used food is particularly beneficial to health, and not just exotic ingredients such as raw cocoa or goji berries, but also nuts, fresh herbs and fitness supplements such as blueberries, spinach and savoy cabbage. Where you can find the best superfood in Berlin, we will show you in this list.

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  • Sushi Restaurants

    Sushi Restaurants

    A lot of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars create such amazingly taste maki, nigiri and inside-out rolls that it's really tough to stay on top of it all. Be it for a meeting with friends or perhaps even a first date, Berlin's sushi bars are ideal for having a relaxed evening out with nice food in a great atmosphere.

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  • Tapas Bars and Restaurants

    Tapas Bars and Restaurants

    Is there any food more Spanish than tapas? Germany has grown quite fond of these little snacks, washed down with a cool beer or a nice wine. No matter if you are into meat, fish, gourmet style or vegetarian: These Spanish bars and restaurants in Berlin offer the right thing for anyone.

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  • Tea Houses and Tea Rooms

    Tea Houses and Tea Rooms

    Tea is a centuries-old culture with tradition that has been increasingly rediscovered in Berlin in recent years. Whether you meet, very british, for afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream, experience a tea ceremony in a Chinese tea house or enjoy fine Vietnamese cuisine with tea, all this is possible here, in the ten best tea houses and tea rooms in Berlin.

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  • Thai Restaurants

    Thai Restaurants

    Thai food is without any doubt one of the most tasteful food in the world. You can always expect tasty surprises and sometimes even a bit of secrecy - expect astonishing flavours any time you order. If you like spicy food, you will love Thai menus. Hot or mild in flavour, very low in fat - Thai food is just always an exotic delight. The team of Top10 Berlin has set out on a quest to find the 10 best Thai restaurants of Berlin!

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  • Trend Ice Cream

    Trend Ice Cream

    Berlin is always a pioneer of new food trends in Germany. Whether it is at street food markets or small manufactories - Berliners always enjoy the latest food trends. And because ice-cream is a very popular topic in the capital and simply belongs to a summer day, we have put together the most extraordinary and coolest ice trends with the best ice cream parlors and manufacturers in Berlin. And actually, delicious ice cream is always a good idea - even in the rain or snowstorms.

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  • Trendy Breakfast Places

    Trendy Breakfast Places

    The offer for a hip and trendy breakfast place in Berlin is enormous. There is something for everyone: a sweet breakfast with pancakes, a healthy breakfast with granola and fruit variations or a hearty breakfast. At the many trendy breakfast places of the city guests enjoy their late breakfast or vegetarian and vegan breakfast varieties. The Top10 editors have compiled the perfect places for a trendy hip breakfast in Berlin for you.

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  • Trendy Restaurants

    Trendy Restaurants

    Which restaurants in Berlin are trendy, hip and cool? Where do celebrities and hipsters meet? Where is the interior design particularly trendy? Where are they, the special restaurants that skillfully unite culinary delights with seeing and being seen. This is the Top10 list of restaurants the whole city is talking about.

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  • Upscale Italian Restaurants

    Upscale Italian Restaurants

    The upscale Italian restaurants in Berlin serve more than just plain old pasta and pizza. Because the Italian cusine is capable of more! The Top10 Berlin editors took a look at various interpretations of the Italian cuisine on a more sophisticated level and realized that there both award-winning gourmet chefs around Berlin and ambitious family restaurants looking for absolute fresh ingredients, the special something and a matching wine to go with it. Have fun sampling the culinary creations of the best Italian restaurants of Berlin.

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  • Upscale Waterfront Restaurants

    Upscale Waterfront Restaurants

    Berlin's upscale waterfront restaurants convince their guest with an elegant ambiance, sophisticated gastronomy and a good wine while enjoying a relaxing view of the water. Due to the Spree River and the city's many lakes there is a multitude of options for a nice dinner, lunch or breakfast including a sweeping water view. This is the Top10 Berlin selection of the best waterfront restaurants with nice terraces right on the waterside of Spree, Landwehrkanal, Schlachtensee, Schwielowsee, Tegeler See and many more. Enjoy sampling them all.

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  • Valentine's Day in a restaurant in Berlin

    Valentine's Day in a restaurant in Berlin

    Celebrate Valentine's Day in Berlin with a romantic dinner in a beautiful restaurant with candlelight and flowers, an idea, that should especially make women's hearts beat faster! The Top10 Berlin team has put together romantic restaurants with the best ideas for a really special Valentine's Day in the German capital. Many Valentine's Day specials not only convince with good food and special menu ideas, but also with a romantic ambience.

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  • Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

    Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

    Happy without meat? Not a problem. More and more restaurants in Berlin specialize in vegetarian cuisine and create extraordinary menus. Also non-vegetarians should not go without trying this healthy and creative cuisine. Eating no meat does not mean eating a boring diet at all. The Top10 of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Berlin proves just the opposite!

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  • Vegan and Vegetarian Snack Bars

    Vegan and Vegetarian Snack Bars

    Be happy meatless? No problem! More and more snack bars and supermarkets in Berlin specialize in vegan and vegetarian dishes and create exceptional treats. Even non-vegetarians / vegans should not miss this creative, healthy cuisine. Not eating meat does not necessarily mean boring food. The top 10 of the best vegetarian and vegan snacks bars in Berlin prove how good the vegan and vegetarian cuisine is!

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  • Vegan Restaurants

    Vegan Restaurants

    The vegan lifestyle has arrived in Berlin long time ago. Vegan pizza, burgers, ice cream & co can be enjoyed everywhere. Cafés and restaurants offer vegan brunch at weekends and a vegan breakfast during the week. But there is also vegan clothing, shoes or even vegan condoms. More and more shops and supermarkets specialize in the needs of the vegan lifestyle. In the most diverse districts of Berlin even customers, who not necessarily live purely vegan, enjoy the amazing vegan cakes and tarts in Berlin’s vegan cafés. In our list you will find great vegan places to discover and try out.

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  • Wine Bars

    Wine Bars

    A good glass of wine and a nice meal that goes with it is often considered a nice way to spend the evening. Over the past years quite a few wine bars with various concepts opened up in the city. Wine lovers will get the chance to talk to experts who understand their business and love to share their passion. You don’t have to be an expert yourself though to feel at home in the ten best wine bars in Berlin. The sommeliers usually advise you very well. In addition, in many wine bars with excellent cuisine, you will now also get your money's worth in culinary terms and experience hours of enjoyment that simply make you happy.

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