A good glass of wine and a nice meal that goes with it is often considered a nice way to spend the evening. Over the past years quite a few wine bars with various concepts opened up in the city. Wine lovers will get the chance to talk to experts who understand their business and love to share their passion. You don’t have to be an expert yourself though to feel at home in the ten best wine bars in Berlin. The sommeliers usually advise you very well. In addition, in many wine bars with excellent cuisine, you will now also get your money's worth in culinary terms and experience hours of enjoyment that simply make you happy.
  • Weinbar Rutz

    Weinbar Rutz has a legendary wine list and is also a respected gourmet restaurant.

  • Lutter & Wegner at Weinhaus Huth

    The historical Weinhaus Huth is known as the “last house standing” at Potsdamer Platz after the fall of the Berlin Wall. These days it offers enough room for a restaurant, delicatessen store as well as a wine store all led by Lutter & Wegner.

  • Wine Bar Schwein

    You can't get lucky enough and the wine bar Schwein in Berlin-Charlottenburg stands for culinary happiness with exquisite wines, delicious long drinks and good food.

  • Cordobar

    Cordobar in Berlin-Mitte is one of the hippest wine bars in town and offers great wines from Germany and Austria as well as delicious snacks.

  • Schmidt Z & Ko

    Schmidt Z & Ko is a wine store, a wine bar and a restaurant at the same time. It stands for vinophile enjoyment and presents a large selection of wines.

  • Hugos Weinbar

    You can find Hugos Weinbar right beside Hugo Restaurant at Hotel InterContinental in Berlin-Tiergarten.

  • Enoiteca il Calice

    The Enoiteca il Calice at Walter-Benjamin Platz combines wine bar and wine shop with Italian cuisine.

  • Sorsi e Morsi

    The wine bar Sorci e Morsi is run by an Italian and very popular – not only in its own neighborhood but throughout the city.

  • ottorink

    The wine bar close to Kottbusser Tor offers a wide range of good wines – mostly from Germany and France.

  • Weinkehr

    Weinkehr in Berlin-Friedrichshain is a combination of wine shop and bar that focuses on wines from Hesse.