Berlin's night life is world famous and there is definitely something going on after 10:00 pm. The party community turns night into day. There are countless clubs and bars that come and go but there are also "institutions" of the night life like the Paris Bar, that are here to stay. After work parties, salsa parties , electro - nearly any music taste is available for those willing to party. If you are looking for the more distinguished kind of culture, Berlin has famous theatres, three opera houses and concert venues and a nearly endless line of pubs and bars to finish an evening. The fame of Berlin's nightlife stems from the fact that before Germany's reunification, there was no official closing time in West-Berlin, so partying till the early morn was officially legal.
  • Afterwork Parties

    Afterwork Parties

    "Afterwork" is the relaxed atmosphere of unwinding from a day of hard work over a drink or two. Most events start early in the evening, a perfect time to show up at work the day after without any collateral damage. Especially Thursday night has turned into the classic for an evening out. But also on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday there are enough fabulous locations for all who want to unwind and cannot get enough of partying.

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  • Bars with live music

    Bars with live music

    Having the stars at an arm's length while starting into a relaxing evening with friends - these bars are ideal for it. No matter if it's jazz, soul or Irish folk - bars with live music are always an exciting alternative. The Top10 Team wishes you a couple of nice hours in Berlin's best bars with live music.

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  • Beach Bars

    Beach Bars

    Berlin has countless beach bars but where do you find the real holiday feeling? The Top10 Team tried to find the answer to this question and looked for the 10 best beach bars in Berlin with a nice ambiance, gorgeous beach and water. Have fun while exploring them, basking in the sun, sipping cocktails, relaxing and partying.

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  • Black Music Parties

    Black Music Parties

    If you think that Berlin is all about electronic music, you've made a spectacular mistake. Also fans of urban beats have places to party in Berlin. The dancefloors of the most popular R'n'B and Hip Hop parties in town know how to turn night into day. No matter if you are looking for a celebrity club with a view of the city or a more secluded place in Kreuzberg - all tastes will be catered for. And is there anyone more qualified to present the best clubs of Berlin's Black Music scene than John & Rasheed from Berlin's radio station 93,6 JAM FM lending us their expertise in compiling this list? Frankly, we don't think so!

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  • Celebrity Clubs

    Celebrity Clubs

    Berlin has an enormous choice of trendy bars and club which makes it hard to choose. Even the stars and celebritites have a hard time picking a spot. There are permanently TV and movie productions, premiere nights or fashione events in town, so you can imagine. The question is: where to party till the break of dawn. And above all: where can you meet the stars and celebrities? The Top10 Team lends you a helping hand with the best Celebrity Clubs in Berlin!

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  • Cocktail Bars for Connoisseurs

    Cocktail Bars for Connoisseurs

    Cocktails are all about being social. Talking while having a drink in a nice bar sounds like an option for a lovely evening. But wouldn't it be better if the bar served on top of that the best cocktails in town? The team of Top10Berlin has tested them for you: the best bars for cocktail connoisseurs in Berlin. You will be up for a treat of the special kind.

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  • Cocktail Bars in Luxury Hotels

    Cocktail Bars in Luxury Hotels

    The cocktail bars in Berlin’s luxury hotels are often underestimated, but definitely worth a visit! In a stylish ambience delicious cocktails are prepared with love and the staff spoils the guests with a high-class service. The setting in those cocktails bars is ideal for a meeting with friends or with business colleagues. Top10 Berlin visited numerous hotels and selected the 10 most beautiful hotel bars.

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  • Cocktail Bars with Happy Hour

    Cocktail Bars with Happy Hour

    Let’s talk drinking. Drinking cocktails. Ever since James Bond ordered his Martini (shaken, not stirred) cocktails are the epitome of a night out among friends. There are plenty of bars in Berlin that offer a wide range of cocktails – even non-alcoholic ones. The Problem is: They’re often not the cheapest drinks. That’s exactly why we were looking for the Top10 list of Cocktail Bars with Happy Hour. Great combinations, good in taste, but not too expensive. Go for it!

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  • Electro-Clubs


    Berlin and electronic music are a match made in heaven. This is common knowledge for the party monsters who come from all parts of the world to Germany's capital to be a part of this unique party atmosphere. For all those who like to party: These are the best club in Berlin where the crowd moves to the beats of the city!

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  • Ideas for Bachelor Parties

    Ideas for Bachelor Parties

    From year to year the bachelor party becomes more and more important and popular. The premarital tradition focuses on having fun and ensuring one last night of fun in “freedom” before the bachelor gets married. The friends organize a fantastic evening for the groom to be and a night full of fun, action and surprises in Berlin.

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  • Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

    Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

    The bachelorette party is already a huge and wide spread tradition in England and has now reached Germany too. As soon as the weather gets warmer one can see them everywhere in the city: hordes of women dressed the same, selling embarrassing things or vodka shots to anyone in the street. But since this is not the ideal bachelorette party for any bride, Top10 researched some sophisticated and fun ideas for the last night “in freedom”. We are hoping that our tips are helping you to a fantastic and a memorable evening in the beautiful city of Berlin!

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  • In-Bars


    The amount of bars and pubs in Berlin is nearly endless - depending on where you are in the city, they are more hip or cool, chic or alternative. Berlin however has also its in-bars, the most popular bar hotspots where the in-crowd, artists and creative people meet, locals party and tourists soak up the flair of the Berlin night life.

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  • Indie Rock Clubs

    Indie Rock Clubs

    If you think the Berlin club scene is only about Techno and Electro, you're wrong. There are many quite well-known locations for the budding Indie and Alternative Rock scene and its concerts - lots of places to choose from. Which parties are really worth going and which are the truly rocking clubs in the city - that's what the Top10 list with the best Indie music clubs is all about.

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  • Irish Pubs with Live Music

    Irish Pubs with Live Music

    Irish Pubs in Berlin are among the traditional pubs and restaurants that still have and keep their audience with (a not entirely new) coziness, lots of sports, authentic Irish beers and typical local dishes. Many pubs simply provide a good and warm atmosphere and entertain their guests with live music, pub quizzes, karaoke and the broadcasting of sports events. Some of the presented Irish pubs, like the one in the Europa Center or the Finnegan's already exist in Berlin for 30 years and more. Others like the MacLaren's or the Tipperary are rather new and opened only a few years ago, thus showing that Irish pubs still are very popular – besides all other trends. Not only Irish people who are visiting Berlin but also many Berliners appreciate their Irish pub in the neighborhood. Tip of the Top10 editors: On St. Patrick's Day (March 17) the Irish Pubs in Berlin are bursting at the seams.

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  • Karaoke Bars

    Karaoke Bars

    What has enjoyed cult status in Japan for a long time, has conquered our living rooms with gaming consoles and karaoke machines. However, Berliners make their sometimes particular renditions of a song also known publicly. The fun of Karaoke is doubled when you spend an evening with friends in one of these karaoke bars. We proudly present the funniest Karaoke Bars and Partys in Berlin.

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  • LGBT Bars

    LGBT Bars

    Your gay friend drops in for a visit and you have no idea where to take him? You're new in town and don't know yet where the LGBT community meets? Find here a selection of the most welcoming, queerest and nicest gay bars where you can be yourself, enjoy a flirt and sometimes a little more than only a glass of Prosecco and Kylie Minogue songs...

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  • Musicals and Shows

    Musicals and Shows

    Stages for musicals, music hall entertainment and various show acts - Berlin offers a cornucopia of possibilities to spend a special evening. The Top10 Team has compiled a list with the 10 best locations with the glamour element. No matter if you are looking for huge musical productions, well-known comedians, dance performances like "Lord of the Dance" or cabaret - we are pretty sure that we have something for every taste!

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  • Open Air Cinemas

    Open Air Cinemas

    Open air cinema under the stars of Berlin - is there really anything more beautiful during a warm summer night? Germany's capital offers an ample variety of open air cinemas. Be it in the heart of the city with the skyline of Potsdamer Platz as backdrop or sitting on a picnic blanket in a park with crickets offering additional SFX - Berlin has the right spot for everyone. As colourful as the locations are the choices of movies, hit movies from the Berlin Film Festival Berlinale, cult movies from various decades and arthouse productions in original versions, it's your choice. With such a wide scope of movie theatres, the team of Top10 Berlin wishes you the best of all movie summers with our list of the 10 best open air cinemas in Berlin!

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  • Open Air Clubs and Lounges

    Open Air Clubs and Lounges

    Berlin has many open air club that invite you to party those summer nights away. Quite a number of these open air locations are located directly by the water and function during the daytime as chilled-out lounges to spend your after hour or just enjoy the sun. Most of the time you will find there as well vendors of tasty street food, whose food will keep you going during the day, fight that nasty hangover and get you ready for the next party night. Which lounge is the cosiest one and where the parties hardly ever end is something that our Top10 of best open air party locations and lounges will tell you. Party on till the break of dawn!

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  • Open Air Concert Locations

    Open Air Concert Locations

    A crucial part of a real summer are awesome open air concerts. Listen to the songs of your favourite band with a cool drink in your hand or enjoying a concert with classical music under the open sky. The Festival summer 2019 will be truly amazing. Berlin does offer a cultural caleidoscope of concerts for you to enjoy this summer!

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  • Rock and Roll Clubs

    Rock and Roll Clubs

    Rock and Roll is more than just music, it's a way of life! The matching soundtrack was provided by well-known greats such as Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. In these locations in Berlin, friends of the classic rock’n’roll sound can listen to live music or even dance themselves.

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  • Rooftop Bars

    Rooftop Bars

    Rooftop bars in Berlin are the perfect place for a beer in airy heights, a cup of coffee on the banks of the Spree river or a glass of wine with a view to the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin's gastronomers always try to create places which open your eyes to the beautiful urban scenery around us. There is hardly anything that keeps you from having a philosophical conversation at a nearly unreal location now, because these are the best panorama bars in Berlin!

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  • Salsa Clubs and Classes

    Salsa Clubs and Classes

    Mambo, Salsa Cubana, Merengue, Bachata und ChaChaChá – no other dance combines passion and the love for life as much as salsa does. Whether it is in a dancing school or in a club where a hot party follows the salsa classes - there are many places where you can learn the art of dancing salsa in Berlin. And it's actually quite simple. If you know the basics and adapt a few twists and turns, you will easily go along with the flow and probably fall in love with this dance that makes you move your hips like no other.

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  • Shisha Bars

    Shisha Bars

    Shishas have been around since the 16th century. This comfortable tradition with the ornate smoking devices came to Berlin via India, nobody can really tell you when. Soft seat cushions, ambient lighting and the matching background music are typical features of a shisha bar next to savoury food and the scent of the sweet tobacco. If you are looking to spend an evening talking with your friends and some Oriental indulgence, you should try one of the shisha bars on this list!

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  • Special Bars with a Twist

    Special Bars with a Twist

    What are the best bars in Berlin? This question is somewhat more difficult to answer since there are so many options to go out in Germany's capital. We tell you which bars are the quirkiest and the most extraordinary. Instead of just drinking your beer with friends in your local corner pub,why not hit a new and rather special place for a change? Berlin has heaps of crazy bars, each one with their own particular theme to follow. The team of Top10berlin has found them all for you - true bars with a twist!

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