Berlin offers many possibilites to celebrate a special occasion. No matter if you are looking for a extraordinary place for a first date, a romantic spot for proposing marriage, the ideal setting for your wedding or wedding anniversary or just simply a place to have a birthday bash with friends: There are countless locations who do their utmost to make it a special day for their guests. You will also finds tips for places to go for holidays, Easter, Christmas or New Year's. Families with kids will be most interested in the scope of holiday activities. And by the way: Nobody needs an excuse to meet with friends and discover hitherto unknown sides of Berlin!

  • Christmas Markets

    Christmas Markets

    Which one is the nicest of Berlin's christmas markets? Which one has the best atmosphere? Where can you get the best hot nulled wine? More than 60 christmas markets in and around Berlin entered the race to make it onto this list. The Top10 Team has had to find the best ones among them: anything from real reindeers, grower's mulled wine to an open air cloak heating can be discovered on the 10 best christmas markets in Berlin.

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  • Co-working Spaces

    Co-working Spaces

    In co-working spaces, hobbyists, freelancers, start-ups, journalists and business travelers come together to work and network outside the office or their home. Some people are looking for a place in a good café with Wi-Fi, others are looking for co-working spaces where you can set up a flexible office for a few hours, a day or even several months. Fast Wi-Fi, printers, coffee, work desks and a vibrant community can be found in every co-working space, but there are many facilities that working spaces individually adapted to the wishes and needs of the community. Childcare to support parents, 3D printers and woodworking shops are just a few of the special features that are offered in Berlin’s co-working spaces. Top10 Berlin found the ten best co-working spaces for all the different demands in Berlin!

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  • Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary

    Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary

    At least once a year married couples boggle their minds over the same question:"What can I do to surprise my Love this year?" The day of the wedding anniversary draws close and the hunt for the right present starts! The longer you have enjoyed your married life, the tougher the solution for this problem to come up with something new every year. Where are the locations that make every wedding anniversary special? The Top10 Team has found them: the ten most romantic and original activities for your wedding anniversary. Whether you are married for real or just living together - these place make also great destination for a romantic day trip for lovers in Berlin ;-)

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  • Locations for a First Date

    Locations for a First Date

    Ideas for a first date in Berlin? The Top10 Team took care of that for you! We thought that the place should be romantic and unusual at the same time. Ideally you get to know your date better with shared activities like cooking, ice skating or a cruiser tour. And should you want to go for a classic candle light dinner for your first date, we also have the most romantic restaurants for you.

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  • Must do when you are new in Berlin

    Must do when you are new in Berlin

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  • New Year's Eve Parties

    New Year's Eve Parties

    Where in Berlin is the best and hottest New Year's Eve party? Nothing easier than that! Check out our Top10 list with the best New Year's parties. If you don't feel like having the same old food, traditions and run o' the mill games - these are the locations worth going to! The celebrations at Brandenburger Tor is by far Germany’s biggest and most famous open air NYE party, but there are also many awesome indoor parties you can opt for. We’ve got the Top10 locations for a New Year’s bash at some cool night clubs or bars. How about celebrating on a roof top like the ones of Monkey Bar at Berlin Zoo or of the club House of Weekend at Alexanderplatz, which both guarantee you a great view over the city? The biggest indoor party of Berlin is hosted at Kulturbrauerei – various clubs open their doors for this party. You can enjoy some fine electro beats and also a great view of the fireworks over the river Spree at the HYTE Berlin party at Arena. So if you’re seeking something else than watching “Dinner for One” for the hundredth time, we sure throw in something you will...

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  • Romantic Wedding Locations in Berlin

    Romantic Wedding Locations in Berlin

    In the romantic aspect spring and summer mean one thing: It's wedding season! Countless couples are exchanging their vows or they are planning their wedding for next year. Berlin and its environs offer countless outstanding and unusual locations to make your wedding a special day for you and your guests. The Top10 Team wishes all lovers the unforgettable and most beautiful wedding day with the best locations for celebrating marriage in Berlin!

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  • Romantic Wedding Locations in Brandenburg

    Romantic Wedding Locations in Brandenburg

    Brandenburg has a lot to offer for wedding couples, from a fairytale wedding in a grand style in a knight's hall on a castle to more intimate celebrations in a greenhouse in the Spreewald Forest. The surrounding area of Berlin charms with its landscape and beautiful mansions with a stately ambience. Thus, Brandenburg offers wedding couples many possibilities for a romantic wedding ceremony. Brandenburg's castles and lakes are not only worthwhile for couples from the region, even city dwellers like to look here for the perfect location for their very special ceremony. Top10 Berlin wishes all wedding couples a wonderful and unforgettable day with the most romantic wedding venues in Brandenburg.

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  • Special Birthday Locations

    Special Birthday Locations

    "The same procedure as every year!" - you boggle your mind where to have a good birthday bash. Where to go with the hungry friends, eager for a cracking party? Which are the locations best suited for a birthday party with more than just 5 friends? The Top10 Team has looked all over town for some cool places, here is what the team has come up with!

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  • Special New Year's Eve Parties with Food

    Special New Year's Eve Parties with Food

    In order to survive a long party night at New Year's Eve in Berlin, the party community needs a solid foundation to draw from. Therefore many clubs offer a party on New Year's Eve with great food, most of the times with live music, a show programme or even a theme for the party night. For all of you looking for the most special New Year's Eve party 2018 in Berlin, here is the ultimate list with all in-bars, clubs and restaurants!

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  • Special Wedding Locations and Registry Offices

    Special Wedding Locations and Registry Offices

    You are looking for special wedding locations and registar offices in Berlin? The team of Top10 Berlin in cooperation with the official registry offices has come up with the Top10 Berlin list for unusual and most memorable wedding locations. Whether you want to say the magic word high above the clouds on the TV Tower or the Kollhofftower or in the company of animals in the Berlin Zoo - all these locations are officially possible! Our remark: the newly-weds to be need first to make an appointment with their district registry offices (for example Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), even if they want the ceremony to happen on the TV Tower and consequently in the district of Berlin-Mitte. The local registry office hands over all the required paperwork to the competent office responsible for the location in question.

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  • Tips for Singles

    Tips for Singles

    Berlin is definitely the single capital of Germany! Nearly half of all Berliners live single. Sounds like a heaven for flirting but reality often brings you back to ground and raises the questions where these tons of singles hide! The Top10 Team has embarked on an expedition to find them and came up with the best places for meeting singles and the finest flirt locations in town. From now on you can forget about the ads in the newspapers or any other way to meet your still unknown special someone, check out the top10 list for Single Locations.

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  • Unforgettable Marriage Proposals

    Unforgettable Marriage Proposals

    „Will you marry me?“ This life-changing question just cannot be asked coming from behind the morning paper but such a special question really does requires a special moment. Exactly for this reason you should think well about the location and the scenario. Berlin has many creative locations and events that provide just the right romantic backdrop for an unforgettable marriage proposal.

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  • What to do with your Parents

    What to do with your Parents

    Your parents are coming to Berlin for a visit and you have no idea what to do with them? Don't panic, the team of Top10 Berlin has compiled a list of locations and activities that above all your visitors will enjoy. Frankly speaking, though we Berliners would sometimes like to see a bit more extravagance, there are locations and things to do which just cannot be dropped from the list when family comes to town. Be it the gourmet floor of KaDeWe, a tour on Bus 100 or a slice of cake at Café Einstein - all our locations are certified to be fun for your dad, your mom, gramps, granny and even aunt Fiona when they come to Berlin. Tip of the Top10 Berlin team: check our other list with must-see sights or the most famous museums. And under our heading "Hotels" you will find plenty of special places for your guests to sleep.

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