Finding the ten best kebab shops - formally known as Döner - in Berlin is not really an easy task, since there are more than 1,000 places selling them in Germany's (kebab) capital. We tried to locate the ten best places, each one of them with a different focus thus explaining the Berlin's enormous kebab variety. One thing is clear: a kebab is as Berlin as can be! The fast snack of meat, veggies, crispy bread and tasty sauces was invented in Berlin in the early 1970s. Orginally, only mutton or lamb was used, today in Berlin you can find kebabs made of veal, minced meat and chicken, too. Tug in while exploring out Top10 kebab shops of Berlin!
  • Tadim

    Tadim Döner near Kottbusser Tor convinces above all with the quality of its meat: they use 100% veal, seasonsed with a secret mix of herbs and condiments.

  • Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab

    The kebab at Mustafa's Veggie Kebab look vastly different than anywhere else for a good reason: they sell exclusively chicken kebab!

  • Zaddy‘s by Kaplan

    Zaddy's in Tauentzienstraße 13 is a trendy kebab shop of the renowned Berlin kebab expert Kaplan in the City West.

  • Meraba Neuland Döner

    The Meraba Neuland Döner in Prenzlauer Berg addresses environmentally conscient kebab friends.

  • Hakiki

    Hakiki is Turkish and tranlates to "the real" or "the genuine". So, expect a traditional döner kebab here with a twist.

  • Rosenthaler Grill & Schlemmerbuffet

    The kebab shop inside of Rosenthaler Grill & Schlemmerbuffet is right across the street from the legendary Circus Hostel on Rosenthaler Platz.

  • Hisar

    The Hisar at Schöneberg is the fastfood origin of the Turkish Hisar Restaurant. The kebab shops still sells traditional doner kebabs, dürüns and lahmacun, the Turkish pizza.

  • Döner Turm

    The nice stainless steel shop of Döner Turm was opened in January 2011 and still looks brandnew.

  • Lale Imbiss

    The Lale Imbiss has earned its legendary status above all due to its garlic sauce. This sauce has been prepared for 30 years (!) following the same secret family recipe.

  • Kaplan Döner on Leopoldplatz

    Around lunch time there is quickly a line waiting to be served at Kaplan Döner on Leopoldplatz. The three men behind the counter serve however at the speed of light, so the waiting time won't be too long.