After the Berlin Wall came down, many established bakeries in Berlin had to fight for survival. Many didn't make it and you got the feeling that bread and bread rolls in Berlin came exclusively from large bakery chains. Fortunately, the tide has turned. Those bakeries which held out are enjoying more and more business. Due to a new generation of customers looking for good bread, healthy bread rolls and individual cake creations who don't shy away from a slightly higher price for outstanding quality.
  • Bäckerei und Konditorei Lars Siebert

    The bakery and pastry shop of Lars Siebert is Berlin's oldest bakery and to this day remains a family-run business.

  • Bakery Wiener Brot

    The Wiener Brot is a bakery run by the well-known TV chef Sarah Wiener. Her baker's shop uses a traditional, wood-fired oven.

  • Bäckerei Seitz

    The bakery Bäckerei Seitz brings Franconian and international bread specialities to Berlin-Schöneberg.

  • Bäckerei und Konditorei Pawlik
    Permanently closed

    Even in more difficult times for bakeries, Lindner has always maintained the standards of their products. Their shop on Wittenbergplatz is a great place to enjoy their creations sitting in the sun.

  • Brot & Butter

    Best dairy products, daily fresh sourdough bread and ham from Germany and Spain in addition to many other culinary revelations are offered by Brot & Butter ("Bread & Butter"), a bakery with its own bakehouse in Haus Hardenberg on Ernst-Reuter-Platz.

  • Conditorei & Café Jebens

    Very inconspicuous from the outside, but a real insiders' tip is Conditorei Jebens, very close to the S-Bahn station Hohenzollerndamm.

  • Bäckerei & Konditorei Hacker

    Sheet cakes like mom used to bake, cookies shaped like the TV Tower and the Berlin special Splitterbrötchen sell like hot cakes at the small bakery Bäckerei Hacker in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

  • Endorphina Backkunst

    Endorphina Backkunst is a Berlin bakery using only organically produced ingredients for their baked creations.

  • Bäckerei und Konditorei Pawlik

    Ever since 1918 Pankow-Rosenthal's bakery and patisserie Bäckerei und Konditorei Pawlik has been sweetening peoples' lives with great bread and delicious cakes.

  • Alpenstück Bakery and Café

    The Alpenstück ("Piece of the Alps") in Berlin-Mitte combines the qualities of a bakery and a café. Trained bakers practise their craft here in their own bakehouse.