Which restaurants in Berlin are trendy, hip and cool? Where do celebrities and hipsters meet? Where is the interior design particularly trendy? Where are they, the special restaurants that skillfully unite culinary delights with seeing and being seen. This is the Top10 list of restaurants the whole city is talking about.

  • Foto: 25h Hotels

    The NENI Berlin located in the 25hours hotel bikini berlin scores above all with its breathtaking panorama view of City West.

  • Foto: Golden Phoenix | Gekko Group

    The restaurant Golden Phoenix in the chic Hotel Provocateur has a trendy interior and with The Duc Ngo and his Franco-Chinese creations a chef de cuisine with a great feeling for trends.

  • Foto: Philipp Langenheim & Corina Schadendorf

    With Panama Restaurant & Bar Berlin adds just another highlight to its culinary szene.

  • Foto: House of Small Wonder | Stefan Kühne

    The trendy House of Small Wonder oozes Brooklyn-atmosphere in the middle of Berlin serving a mixture of Japanese-American food.

  • Foto: MANI Restaurant | Adi Cohen

    The sophisticated MANI Restaurant at the MANI Hotel in the Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte takes its guests to a culinary journey from Berlin to Israel.

  • Parker Bowles | Foto: Paula G. Vidal

    The Parker Bowles restaurant at Kreuzberg’s Moritzplatz is the gastronomic complement of the Prince Charles club next to it. The concept of the kitchen is young, creative and experimental.

  • Foto: Klaus Lange

    The SPINDLER Restaurant and Coffeehouse on Kreuzberg's Paul-Lincke-Ufer is the newest baby of Frank Spindler, the spiritual rector of the famous celebrity club Spindler & Klatt. The new trendy restaurant banks on regional food as key to success.

  • Foto: Long March Canteen

    One of the hippest Chinese restaurants in Berlin is the Long March Canteen in Kreuzberg's Wrangel neighbourhood. Savour Chinese delicacies in tapa style in a cool ambience.

  • Foto: Katz Orange | Laura Maria Trumpp

    Swinging by at Katz Orange, combining dinner and drinks, is worth the trip, especially because of the pork Duroc, roasted for 12 hours and the "Grape Me" cocktail.

  • Foto: dpa picture-alliance

    The FAME Restaurant is part of the posse of the former legendary Bar 25. After a brief intermezzo on the other bank of the Spree, the members of Bar 25 have returned with the FAME and the club "Kater Blau" to their old venue since summer 2014.