Berlin is know for its culinary diversity. You'll find anything your heart desires, and on every corner you'll get fast food such as Döner kebap and curry sausage, but another famous snack is the falafel. The fried chickpea balls with herbs and spices have been brought to Berlin by the Arabian cuisine and quickly became a vegetarian alternative to the others. By now there are many snack bars where you can order the dish. Falafel in a pita sandwich, with many sides on a plate or was a wrap. It goes aloung with tasty humus and dressings, fresh lettuce and pickled vegetables. It's pretty hard to name the ten best places to get falafel when there are so many in a city like Berlin. We decided on a variety that is multifaced. Traditional or refreshingly new, as a take-away in a hip neighborhood or while sitting in a nice restaurant - doesn't matter as long as it tastes good.
  • Dada Falafel

    A nice restaurant which offers fresh dishes in a pleasant ambience in Berlin-Mitte.

  • Habibi

    The cult restaurant at the Winterfeldt market creates freshly prepared falafel.

  • Alhanan

    Explore Arab cuisine like fresh falafel with vegan sesame sauce at Sonnenallee in Neukölln.

  • Habba Habba

    The Habba Habba is perfectly located in between bars and pubs in Prenzlauer Berg and offers extraordinary falafel creations.

  • Sahara Imbiss

    At Sahara in Berlin-Neuköllen the falafel is served with peanut sauce.

  • Karun Bistro

    Eat fine falafel and some more traditional Persian-Arab dishes for humble prices in Charlottenburg.

  • Falafel Salam

    Small but nice – the oriental falafel store nearby Ku’damm is very authentic.

  • Falafel Daye

    Enjoy your falafel as a pita sandwich, on a plate or as a wrap in Prenzlauer Berg.

  • Falafel Sindibad

    Try homemade falafel and vegan mango lassi at Falafel Sindibad in Friedrichshain.

  • Boussi Falafel

    Indulge in Lebanese vitality food at Boussi Falafel in Schöneberg.