You have the extended family splash in for a visit on Sunday? No time to make a cake or your cakes just don't turn out that you want to serve them to anybody? On top of that all supermarkets are closed? Turn to the professionals, because master confectioners are truly masters of their trade, even better than your grandma's cakes! Find out the best places for cake in Berlin! Either at professional cake shops or in a nice café.
  • Der Kuchenladen

    What about a Raspberry Tarte with milk rice, a Manhattan Queen (a tarte made with cream cheese, Mascarpone and basil sugar) or do you rather fancy a slice of a Blackberry-Mascarpone Tarte?

  • Princess Cheesecake

    Princess Cheesecake with locations in Berlin-Mitte as well as Berlin-Charlottenburg is a dream came true for cheesecake lovers.

  • Wiener Conditorei Caffeehaus Am Roseneck

    For more than 30 years this cafe in the Art Nouveau style has been offering a giant variety of finest fancy cakes, tartes and pralinés.

  • Konditorei-Café Buchwald

    The absolute speciality of Konditorei-Café Buchwald on Moabit's Bärenbrücke is the super chocolate Baumkuchen, a layered cake prepared after an old secret recipe.

  • Mr. Minsch

    The slices of cake at Mr. Minsch are enormous - both in taste and size!

  • Kuchen Kaiser

    Kuchen Kaiser on Oranienstraße serves every day a dazzling variety of fresh cakes.

  • Lotti & August

    Lotti & August is a café with excellent cakes and tartes in Berlin-Westend

  • Kuchenrausch

    This Friedrichshain café location has its very own flair: lovely decorated cups, a cosy seating area in front of an Art Nouveau stove and an old chess table are thoughtful details.

  • Olivia

    This small francophile café with its red and white marquée, white chairs and a baking atelier offer a giant variety of French tartes and creamy cakes.

  • Salon Sucré

    Upon entering this Pâtisserie at Berlin Kreuzberg, you feel instantly taken to France.