Many tourists that come to Berlin and wonder what might be a traditional Christmas dinner. Some regions of Germany such as Berlin and Brandenburg are quite well known for roasted goose or duck. In Berlin, traditionally the goose seasons starts with Martinmas. Thus, many of the traditional restaurants in Berlin also start the pre-Christmas season with a roasted goose menu on St. Martin’s Day. Many restaurants in Berlin and Brandenburg traditionally offer either goose leg or goose breast with red cabbage, kale and potato dumplings. Before Christmas countless restaurants serve tasty menus that add different specialties to the roast goose. Some restaurants even offer an entire goose on Martinmas or for Christmas which will be carved up right at your table. Should you feel like enjoying the traditional German Christmas food in the comfort of your home, roast goose dinners can even be delivered home to your door as “goose-to-go.” This delivery service is super-handy on Christmas Eve and during the holiday season. In any case, the team of Top10 Berlin wishes you the best of joy with our list of the 10 best restaurants for roast goose in Berlin, be it for Martin’s Day or Christmas.
  • French roast goose at Ganymed

    From 11.11.2023 to 26.12.2023, the Ganymed Brasserie is offering a pre-order Christmas goose dinner that combines taste, tradition and culinary craftsmanship.

  • Roasted goose at Restaurant Scheune

    The goose season at Restaurant Scheune in Grunewald starts on 13.10.2023, with a choice between a restaurant visit or the popular "Goose to Go" concept.

  • Austrian culinary culture at Restaurant Jolesch

    From November 11, 2023, guests at Restaurant Jolesch will experience the perfect combination of Austrian tradition and modern cuisine, including the option of ordering goose dishes to take home.

  • Roast Goose at Brechts Restaurant

    From 11.11.2023 to 26.12.2023, Brechts Steakhaus invites you to its popular goose dinner, with the option of enjoying goose dishes on site or pre-ordering them as a gourmet experience to take home.

  • Restaurant Ebert

    From 09.11.2023 until the end of the Christmas season, the EBERT Restaurant & Bar in Berlin offers delicious roast goose and duck, ideal after a shopping spree on Kurfürstendamm.

  • Christmas Dinner at the Hotel Regent Berlin

    Enjoy having your Christmas dinner at the Centerpiece table in the elegant five-star-superior Hotel Regent Berlin with a glass of Veuve Clicquot vintage champagne!

  • Goose with concert at the Ratskeller Köpenick

    From 03.11.2023, the Ratskeller Köpenick will be offering its popular goose dinner, combined with live music in a historic setting.

  • Goose to Go at Hotel Palace Berlin

    From 11.11.2023 to 26.12.2023, the Hotel Palace Berlin is offering an exquisite Christmas goose menu to take away - a festive delicacy for 4-6 people.

  • St. Martin’s goose in the Oderquelle

    From St. Martin's Day, 11.11.2023, the time for succulent roast goose begins at the Oderquelle, a tradition that has been cultivated since 1990.

  • Restaurant Weihenstephaner

    The Weihenstephaner restaurant traditionally serves a tender Innviertler goose from November 11, 2023, to start the goose season with St. Martin's Day.