Berlin with children means seeing the town with a different set of eyes. You will find plenty of suggestions for trips and leisure time activities with children, just like tips for indoor and outdoor activities and ideas for holidays and family festivities. Berlin offers also many locations for children's birthday parties and does not run short of family-friendly restaurants. If your kids are thirsting for knowledge and culture, take them to the various museums and theaters that provide special programmes for children. Kids growing up in a big city can not only see animals in the Berlin Zoo but also on the various children's farms. There are also specials cafés for children which offer relaxation for young and old. And if you are on a shopping spree: Berlin has countless malls and stores catering for the needs of our children. The Top10 Team wishes you a great time with all of your family at Berlin.

  • Activities and excursions for children and families in Berlin

    Activities and excursions for children and families in Berlin

    City trips or shopping sprees are usually boring for children, but Berlin is a big city that offers many activities for children, you just have to find them. Reopened in 2016, the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg offers exciting and interesting information in 3D. If you already know the zoo, you can have a good time at the animal park in Friedrichsfelde or the museum village Düppel where “history to touch” is shown. Active kids will love the bouldering hall Berta Block whereas friends of nature become happy at the Ökowerk Berlin. You should not be missing some cultural city highlights like the Schiller Library or the puppet theater.

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  • Child-Friendly Cafés

    Child-Friendly Cafés

    Things are not always easy for families. You want to have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee in a nice café and all of a sudden your child starts crying - you know how awkward some people react to that. This is not necessary anymore! Berlin has countless child-friendly cafés, enjoyable for both parents and child. The kids are the centre of attention here and can play all they want with other kids, while their parents enjoy their coffee. The Top10 Team presents you ten relaxed places where kids and their parents are more than welcome. That way, the trip to the café will be enjoyable for everybody!

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  • Child-friendly Restaurants and Cafés with Playground

    Child-friendly Restaurants and Cafés with Playground

    Child-friendly restaurants, cafés and beer gardens with a close-by playground are a bonus for parents and their children alike. Nothing is better than a nice stay at a family-friendly location with tasty food where children don't have to sit still but really can be kids running wild at a nearby playgound. The little ones can have fun with mom and dad watching over them while enjoying a nice café latte or savour a slice of cake. The team of Top10 Berlin has found just these locations for you and wants you to spend some quality time as a family there!

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  • Indoor Activities for Children

    Indoor Activities for Children

    Children want to be active and have fun and adventures, even when it's raining, snowing or downright yucky in front of the door. One way of still hitting the playgrounds outside would be a splash suit and wellies. But if the temperatures are too low for doing so, Berlin has tons of ways for fun activities for children when it rains. We've collected a few of them which you can do spontaneously and without prior reservation if need be.

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  • Indoor Playgrounds

    Indoor Playgrounds

    It can be quite tough to entertain kids when it rains and snows - outside playgrounds are hardly a suitable place under such weather conditions. Still, your children want to play and jump about with other kids. What the alternative is? An indoor playground of course! And while the kids are playing as much as they possibly can, dive in the ball pool and bounce up and down on the trampoline, parents can sit and relax over a cup of coffee or a little snack in the adjoined café. In a nutshell: Once you have got to know our Top10 of the best indoor playgrounds in Berlin, you may find yourself wishing for more rainy days.

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  • Kids' Farms

    Kids' Farms

    The stereotypical child living in a big city does not know what a cow or a chicken looks like and believes that milk and eggs grow in the supermarket. That's not true for the kids of Berlin, since countless agricultural project and farms for kids and children offer an alternative. On these farms the kids may feed, groom and pet the animals, but also do some gardening or enjoy the day out. Most of these farms work on a non-profit base with volunteer staff, so donations for feed and upkeep of the venues are always welcome.

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  • Museums for Children

    Museums for Children

    Berlin has a just claim to having a versatile and rich infrastructure of museums. An added benefit of this versatility is the vast array of museums which either only cater for children or offer special programmes or special exhibitions for the younger generations. We've drawn up a selection of the most exciting places to go and wish you a thrilling time!

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  • Playgrounds


    Many playgrounds offer just a slide and a packed sandbox – under such conditions it’s no surprise that parents easily get annoyed and kids get bored with the lack of entertainment. There are quite a few adventurous playgrounds though which boost a child’s creativity and fantasy and offer enough possibilities to romp around and have fun. We were looking for these kinds of playgrounds that leave the parents relaxed and make the kids happy.

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  • Second Hand for Babies and Children

    Second Hand for Babies and Children

    There are plenty of good reasons to dig through the second hand shops for babies and children in Berlin: the kids usually outgrow their clothes very fast, so it's not really likely that the pieces are torn and tattered. Adding that due to frequent washing, there are no harmful residue chemicals left in the used baby clothes - an infinite advantage for the soft baby skin. Brand followers will find in many second hand shops nice clothing items by Finkid, Petit Bateau or Naturino at a fraction of their original price. Also high-end prams by Bugaboo and Teutonia are much cheaper second hand. Many second hand shops offer apart from used baby clothes also buggies, strollers and fine wooden toys. Are these enough reasons for you to go on a treasure hunt through the best second hand shops for babies and children at Berlin?

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  • Sights for Young People

    Sights for Young People

    Above all for young people Berlin offers many attractions and sights off the beaten touristic track. Hosts of school classes come every year to Berlin to see the well-known sights like the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. The Top10 Team has researched activities and museum which offer an alternative to that, open a different view of the city or are just plain fun to see, No matter if you are a local or just visiting town - here are some suggestions for students, pupils, young people and those who have stayed young.

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  • Sledding Hills

    Sledding Hills

    Sledding, snow boarding and even cross-country skiing - though Berlin is mostly flat, there are some pretty good sledding hills in town. The best hills and tracks for a speedy toboggan run are presented here by the Top10 Berlin team. Once the temperatures have dropped and everything is covered in snow, there is hardly anything better to for families with children to get out those sleds, polish the runnings and go on a family trip to the snow. Tip: If you don't have a sled or toboggan of your own in the basement, you can rent one at the Schlittenverleih sled rentals of some bike rental companies - make your pick betweena sled, a bob, a slider or whatever and run to the Top10 sledding hills!

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  • Trips with Kids to Brandenburg

    Trips with Kids to Brandenburg

    Berlin offers many attractions for families - but also the region of Brandenburg around it has many nice destinations for trips with kids, fun pools, transparent factories and adventures with science and nature. If you fancy a trip outside the city, you will find in our Top10 list enough inspiration for trips to the Berlin environs which combines both fun and a learning experience. And of course we also kept an eye on how much needs to be spent to keep expenditures low. This means double the fun for the family budget!

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  • Water Playgrounds

    Water Playgrounds

    Berlin's water playgrounds are made for splashing around, running wild and cooling down - of course above all for kids. Still, even parents can enjoy the water by either playing with their kids there or rest a little while watching their short ones having fun in the water. The team of Top10 Berlin has come up with a list of 10 water playgrounds with 100% of fun for you.

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