Looking for some relaxing wellness treatments in Berlin as a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Here you go! Check the Top10 Berlin recommendations from beauty parlours to a feel-good sauna, from holistic hairdressers to the elegant day spa, from tips for stress relief to yoga studios. "Wellness" has a very broad meaning in Berlin, self-tested cures for hangovers clash with measures against a bad mood and physical fitness activities to shape up. This can be as easy as a stroll around lake Müggelsee but also a wellness session in a hotel resort or a ladies' night at a hammam.

  • Cut & Go Hairdresser

    Cut & Go Hairdresser

    There are many Cut & Go hairdresser in Berlin but where do you get really good service at a great price? How long are the waiting times? And most of all, where do you actually the best haircut? The Top10 editors have made done some research about it and the result is this lost about the 10 best cut & go hairdressers in Berlin! Sometimes it just has to be quick – but you will still want a stylish new hairstyle – Top10 has a list of the best cut & go hairdressers in Berlin.

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  • Day Spas for Relaxing

    Day Spas for Relaxing

    A trip to a luxurious day spa in Berlin with massages, aroma therapy, sauna and further wellness procedures to pamper you will do the trick to help you relax. Especially after weeks of stressful toiling, one can feel a certain fatigue which needs to be conquered. Berlin offers a multitude of possibilities to replenish your energy supply in marvellous places of pure relaxation. Even the most stressed people in the world will be reborn after a couple of hours or even an entire wellness weekend in Berlin's Top10 Day Spas for Relaxing!

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  • Massage


    Tensing up at your desk, stress and lots of more reasons may lead to pain in your back and your neck. A relaxing massage is just the right thing to loosen up your muscles, be painfree again and regain your inner calm. The world over you can find various massage procedures to knead those muscles, most every country has its own traditional techniques. Be it with chocolate, hot stone or Asian massaging techniques - these locations master them all!

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  • Sauna


    Wind down physically and mentally, relax and do something at the same time for your health and general well-being - Is there any better place to do than in a sauna? Berlin has the most varied kinds of saunas for you to pick, anything from the small family sauna to the exclusive sauna areas of the luxury hotels.

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  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming Pools

    When autumn and winter bring cold and dark days or even on a day of rain, the swimming pools of Berlin offer the best possibilities to do aquafitness, sweat in a sauna or just do your rounds in the pool to stay fit. Some of the venues focus on sports, others more on the leisure and entertainment aspect. Other pools are listed buildings due to their antiquity and have been carefully refurbished and renovated in the past years. Tip of the Top10 Team: We've focused on especially nice swimming pools since swimming in such historic bathing palaces is also a treat for your eyes.

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  • Thermal Baths, Sauna and Wellness in Brandenburg

    Thermal Baths, Sauna and Wellness in Brandenburg

    Yucky ugly weather is synonymous with going to a thermal bath. If you want to combine going to the sauna or the thermal bath with a little trip to Berlin's environs and you don't shy away from driving approximately 1,5 hours will reap great rewards. The Brandenburg area has invested greately in the thermal bath infrastructure in the last 20 years and you will find something to satisfy any possible taste. While one venue may favour the fun factor, another thermal bath will bank on health tourism. Here you will get an overview about the specials of each of these institutions!

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  • Wellness Hotel-Spas

    Wellness Hotel-Spas

    The best spas in Berlin are hidden away in the luxury and wellness hotels of Germany's capital. However, you can also use their services if you are not staying as a guest there. Massages and chances to relax with fabulous pools, saunas or a steam bath are also available as day spa offers to mere mortals. If you want to do something for yourself, trust the wellness professionals and have yourself pampered with luxurious cosmetics by Guerlain, La Prairie or Babor.

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  • Wellness Venues for Warming Up

    Wellness Venues for Warming Up

    Especially in fall and winter you need a place to warm up again, not only temperature-wise but also from the inside to escape from the winter blues: locations to recharge your batteries, make your soul whole again and brighten up your mood. Luckily, Berlin does not suffer from a shortage of such venues, here you will find our favourites. Have fun exploring them all!

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  • Yoga Studios

    Yoga Studios

    Yoga studios in Berlin are endless. But which ones are the best and what are their differences? The Top10 team has tested different yoga studios and courses. The spectrum ranges from intense hot yoga, which makes you sweat well, to classical hatha yoga, to pregnancy yoga for a special time in life. And the best: Everyone can practice and learn yoga. Whether physical health, more relaxation or less stress - yoga makes you rest and forget about the bustle of Berlin.

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