Ships and boats always have a unique atmosphere, eventhough they may have come up in age. In Berlin, you will find a lot of boats moored and used as restaurants. These restaurant boats are interesting to locals and tourists alike. You sit at your table with a view of the water and sometimes you can even take in particular sights as side show while enjoying your food and drink. Any type of restaurant can be found - from fully-fledged restaurants to quick snacks. Have fun posing as a sailor, marvelling at the sights but above all enjoying the culinary creations!

  • Foto: Patio

    The elegant boat restaurant Patio is moored on Moabit's Bärenbrücke with a view either of Moabiter Brücke, the glass building Federal Ministry of the Interior or the beautiful vintage buildings on Holsteiner Ufer.

  • Foto: Restaurantschiff Van Loon

    While having breakfast on the sun deck of Restaurant boat "Van Loon" you will feel like being on vacation.

  • Foto: Restaurantschiff „Alte Liebe“

    For more than 100 years the boat restaurant Alte Liebe, moored on the Eastern bank of the Lower Havel, has been offering refuge from the big city stress to Berliners.

  • Gode Wind | Foto: Hauptstadtfloß

    Berlin has won a film star as a bar and event ship: On the boat restaurant Gode Wind you can eat well with a fantastic view to the Rummelsburger Bucht.

  • Foto: SpreeArche

    The restaurant boat SpreeArche can only be reached with a ferry. The restaurant is in fact a floating blockhouse on the Müggelspree!

  • Foto: Restaurantschiff Klipper

    Fillets of pickled herring with herbs, Norwegian salmon or eel, butter fish or rainbow trouts from the ship's own smoking oven - the boat restaurant Restaurantschiff Klipper may just have the right kind of fish for any taste.

  • Foto: Restaurantschiff Cäptn Schillow

    If you are looking for a break after strolling through Tiergarten or a long day at the zoo, you should perhaps plot a course to Charlottenburger Tor.

  • Foto: BBI Gastrokonzept

    This nice summer location of the Marina Tempelhof in the Tempelhof harbour is now part of the event location Pier 13 Berlin.

  • Fotos: Union Sozialer Einrichtungen (USE) gGmbH

    The crew of Berlin-Köpenick's restaurant boat Restaurantschiff "ars vivendi" invites you for an entertaining Sunday brunch aboard their vessel.

  • Foto: Windflüchter

    The boat restaurant Windflüchter is a historical steam boat that can be rented for events like birthday parties and weddings. The beach bar Hafenbar next to is open all year reound and offers drinks, snacks and in summer barbecue.