Down to earth, hearty and above all: satiating - this is what Berlin-style food is all about. Between the culinary temptations from all over the world, the menus of the old-Berlin style restaurants offer a refreshing difference. Are you curious about Teltow Beets, Eel on green herb sauce, cutlet in jelly or true classics like the Berlin burger "Bulette" or pork knuckle with mashed peas? Enjoy all of them in the Top10 List of the best restaurants with Berlin-cuisine.
  • Zur Gerichtslaube

    The restaurant serves - true to its style - traditional Berlin-style cuisine.

  • Ausspanne

    The Old Berlin pub Ausspanne offers exclusive and modernly interpreted Berlin cuisine in the heart of Berlin.

  • Schöneberger Weltlaterne

    Yellowed newspapers on the walls, knicknack all over and furniture with a rustic touch.

  • Mutter Hoppe

    Local lore tell us that a lady called Mutter Hoppe ("Mother Hoppe") worked as a charitable inn-keep around the turn of the century in Berlin's Nikolaiviertel.

  • Zum Schusterjungen

    The Schusterjunge is a rustic corner pub directly on the corner of Danziger and Lychener Strasse.

  • Zur letzten Instanz

    In 1621 a retired stable groom of the then king elector opened a pub and thus laid the foundations of today's Zur letzten Instanz ("The Final Instance").

  • Wirtshaus Max und Moritz

    This authentical, listed old-Berlin Restaurant has been located in the heart of Berlin's Kreuzberg district since 1902.


    For many decades this typical Berlin pub has been sailing on the waves of success just like Anna Stanscheck, its original "plump inn-keep", would have liked it.

  • Alt Berliner Biersalon

    This legendary restaurant was opened nearly 100 years ago in a rebuilt block of flats.

  • Diener Tattersall

    The Tattersall is named after the English horse auctioneer Richard Tattersall and used to be an indoor riding-hall and a riding school.