Berlin is a culturally rich and colourful city with a high leisure time potential. In summer, Berlin's large lidos and lakes like the famous Wannsee invite for a refreshing swim just like its many scenic picnic spots, viewing towers and the parks and gardens of the city and its countless beer gardens. And in case of rain and in snow winter, hit the museums of town, attend concerts and treat yourself with the theatres, musicals and shows. Physical activities and sports are also big at Berlin. Exercising aficionados find anything from indoor sporting arenas to places that make you feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, anything from tennis courts in summer to the ice rinks in winter. Add cinemas, exciting new hotels and the abundance of sights at Berlin and there is only one thing left to say: If you are bored at Berlin, it's your own fault.
  • Activities for Fall

    Activities for Fall

    Berlin in fall - what activities can you pursue inside and outside when the leaves are on the ground and the wind ruffles your hair? It's best to fill up on sunlight and energy before winter takes Berlin into its frosty grip. Going mushroom picking, a leisurely stroll in the woods or what about kiting? All of these are outdoor activities which will work like a charm battling the oncoming winter blues.

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  • Bathing Lakes for Swimming

    Bathing Lakes for Swimming

    Crystal-clear water, secluded coves and fine powdery sand - the lakes of Berlin and the greater Berlin area are really a shangri-la for tired city-dwellers looking for a refreshing swim. The team of Top10 Berlin has packed the swimsuits and set out to find the best places to go for a swim and bask in the sun. Our findings astonished even us: there are still lots of unknown bathing lakes! Have fun exploring our true insiders' tips for bathing lakes. Tip: If you want daily updates of water quality of the lakes, try the following websites. For Berlin:, for Brandenburg: href="" target="_blank"> Remark: Due to the long and hot summer weather, there is a higher risk of wildfires in the woods and forests of Berlin. Therefore, smoking in the forest or its proximity (on the beaches of the Havel and the lakes for example) is absolutely forbidden, the same goes for BBQs or camp fires in the woods or cigarette stubs thrown carelessly from car windows.

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  • Berlin Culture for Little Money

    Berlin Culture for Little Money

    The Top10 editorial team presents ten places where you can experience culture in Berlin either for free or at a very reasonable price. The budget for a Berlin weekend is limited? Fortunately, Berlin is one of the few big cities in which you can live with less money. In this way, smart spenders can provide themselves with culture and fun even in times of crisis. And often for free!

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  • Berlin Wall Sites

    Berlin Wall Sites

    Where was the Berlin Wall? That's the most frequently asked question to locals. In Berlin you can still find some original parts of the Wall but also various Wall memorial sites and Wall monuments are all over town. Top10 Berlin has compiled a list of the best places for tracing the history of the Wall for locals and tourists alike.

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  • Bike Tours through Berlin

    Bike Tours through Berlin

    Exploring a metropolis like Berlin by bike is not as unusual as some people might think. The city has to offer about 1,000 kilometers of cycle tracks passing sights as well as parks and lakes like Wannsee. There are many green spots to discover by bike. If you don’t feel like planning a bicycle route all by yourself you can also book one of the many professional tours offered in the city. Do you still need a bike? There are many places where you can rent a bicycle in Berlin. Our Top10 Berlin tip: Visit Berlin got a new free tour guide with Bicycle Tours for 2016 – including lots of maps and other helpful information, available at the tourist information centers in the city.

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  • Boats, Houseboats and Rafts

    Boats, Houseboats and Rafts

    Discover Berlin by houseboat, boat or raft! If you already know Berlin by foot, you can explore new sides of the city by changing the perspective. Crossed by waterways, Berlin is perfect for a day trip by boat or raft. If you have a bit more time at your disposal and would like to invest your next holiday in exploring the region, you can get to know the lake-rich landscape of Berlin and Brandenburg on a houseboat. As a general rule: boats up to 15 hp do not require a driving licence, for boats with more horsepower you need a boat driving licence all over Berlin. In the Brandenburg area there are some areas which are passable with a charter licence. This can be purchased within a few hours and is then valid for the charter period and the rented boat. Top10 Berlin has put together the 10 best houseboat and raft rental companies to make your holiday on the waters of Berlin and the surrounding area an unforgettable adventure.

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  • Cold War Sites in Berlin

    Cold War Sites in Berlin

    The history of the cold war in Germany can be hardly be felt anywhere better than in the formerly divided city of Berlin. November 9 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. In the meantime, a whole new generation has grown up who has never lived with the Wall as a reality. To them, the Wall, barbed wire and a division of Berlin in East and West are history. For those who were there when the Wall came down, Germany's more recent history is still emotionally very present. The team of Top10 Berlin has compiled a list of locations where the history of the two Germanys can still be experienced today.

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  • Feel Good Tips

    Feel Good Tips

    Here are our tips to lift your spirits with fun activities in Berlin: Everyone knows these days. Nothing works like you want and in fact it would have be nicer to just stay in bed. Bad moods come and go. That leaves only one question: What to do with on such days? We suggest to better have some fun to bring back the joy of life. Either with the help of sports, sweets or comedy shows: Some places in Berlin will make you feel happier immediately!

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  • Free Activities in Berlin

    Free Activities in Berlin

    No city in the world has more or better free things to do than Berlin. In addition to world-class museums – some have free admission – the city is home to beautiful parks, buzzing markets, captivating cemeteries, stunning churches and phenomenal viewpoints. Here are just 10 top free attractions in Germany’s capital. They are great for everyone but really appreciated when you travelling on a Budget.

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  • Fun Activities

    Fun Activities

    No time for boredom and ready for an unforgettable experience with loads of fun in Berlin? If that description fits you, activities like virtual reality live adventures or live escape missions will guarantee the perfect activity just for you. Arrow tag or footvolley require physical action but also special bike tours with the BedBike or a camel ride will surely create unique memories. The Top10 Berlin fun-activities are ideal to forget the hectic of the daily routine and to experience something extraordinary.

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  • Holiday Feeling in the Middle of Berlin

    Holiday Feeling in the Middle of Berlin

    In Berlin you cannot only explore the city itself, but experience a journey around the world and feel like being on holiday, if you want. In this list of "Holiday feeling in the middle of Berlin" the Top10 editors have compiled the ten best tips on where to experience the cultural diversity of Berlin and hang out by the water, eat well or simply relax in small oases from the stress of the big city. On top you will get to know other cultures and lifestyles.

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  • Ice Skating

    Ice Skating

    Where in Berlin can you go ice skating? This is a question that the top10 Team has tried to answer and came up with the ten best ice rinks in town. Since it's the time to dust off those ice skates of yours, get out your gloves, scarf and winter cap and venture forward to next rink. Our ice skating tips hold some surprises in stock for you like shows with fairytales on ice, curling areas and also an ice casino!

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  • Indoor Sports for Rainy Weather

    Indoor Sports for Rainy Weather

    It's raining outside and it's cold - still Berlin offers countless possibilities to have fun without getting soaked or frozen to the bone. Be it indoor football, bowling or even a trip to a water park - Berlin offers loads of indoor activities for rainy days.

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  • Jogging Routes

    Jogging Routes

    Jogging routes in Berlin along the water, as fitness trail or with an in-built sightseeing factor offer a lot of diversity. Running has become trendy again - it is healthy, it's a fat-burning activity and improves your physical fitness. Sometimes it is not as easy to find the right jogging route for you. Do you prefer running though parks and woods or rather to city to keep the run from being boring? The team of Top10 Berlin has come up with a list of the 10 best jogging routes in Berlin - for beginners and pros alike!

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  • LGBT Berlin, the best events for every gender

    LGBT Berlin, the best events for every gender

    There is one thing that make Berlin one of the most special cities in the world: diversity and open-mindedness. Indeed Berlin is proclaimed the LGBT capital of Europe. In Berlin you can find a lot of gay friendly bars, clubs, hotels and festivals and events, but with this list we want to focus on the most relevant LGBT+ events you can find in Berlin this year. We decided to select for you the top 10. Enjoy!

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  • Lidos and Outdoor Pools at Lakes

    Lidos and Outdoor Pools at Lakes

    The ultimate swimming fun in Berlin can be had at its bathing beaches - suitable for water rats of all ages. No matter if you want to wind down swimming after a day's work or just splash in for refreshening on a hot day - the team of Top10 Berlin has come up with the list of the best bathing beaches in town.

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  • Most Famous Museums

    Most Famous Museums

    How to pick the best museums in Berlin for you? The city is home to more than 170 different museums, one of them more interesting than the other. Top10 Berlin lends you a helping hand and has looked for the most famous museums for you. The places which have made it on the list offer definitely a unique experience for you, most of them are world record holders in their field. A tour through these museums is obligatory for tourists and Berliners alike.

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  • Must See Sights and Attractions

    Must See Sights and Attractions

    Which are the top sights and attractions in Berlin? The German capital has so many sights that it is really hard to make a pick. Most of the time your stay isn't just long enough to see all the interesting cultural and leisure-time. Now, what are the absolute musts to see in town? Easy: the well-known Berlin landmarks and cultural activities which you cannot get anywhere else because they are unique to the city. The Top10 Team has therefore filtered these stupendous sights for you. Have fun and enjoy your possibly record-breaking list of Berlin sights!

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  • Nature Trips to Berlin and Brandenburg

    Nature Trips to Berlin and Brandenburg

    Berlin and the surrounding countryside offer many green opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to regain new strength in nature. Whether you visit park areas such as Kienbergpark or Lübars amusement park in Berlin or set off for Brandenburg these trips are worth trying out. The surrounding area of Berlin offers many excursion destinations within nature to observe wild animals, to see a medieval Slavic castle in the Spreewald, to see storks flying in or to simply follow a nature trail. Nice reacreation facitities offers the Scharmützelsee South of Berlin.

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  • Outdoor and Open Air Pools

    Outdoor and Open Air Pools

    After the long and grey winters of Berlin, the locals yearn for the opening of the outdoor pools. The city has a host of outside swimming pools and swimming facilities for summer. As always, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder when you are looking for the nicest of them. A number of these summer pools have been restored and refurbished at great cost. Berlin has spent around 70 millions of euros for bringing the swimming pools of Berlin up to the latest standard. The team of Top10 Berlin presents you a selection of Berlin's best summer pools.

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  • Outdoor Rope Courses and Indoor Climbing

    Outdoor Rope Courses and Indoor Climbing

    There is no need driving to the mountains for climbing, because Berlin and its surroundings offer quite a few modern spots for climbing fans. No matter if you want to have some fun outdoors or indoor – we’ve got the Top10 outdoor rope courses and indoor climbing spots for you.

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  • Park BBQs

    Park BBQs

    In which parks of Berlin are you allowed to do a BBQ? And which one of them is the nicest? These are just two questions that the team of Top10 Berlin has researched for you, since sunny weather is synonymous to many Berliners with BBQ. If you don't have a garden or a balcony and feel like doing a BBQ session with some friends, often repairs to a park for some sizzling fun. Luckily there are the official barbecue places in Berlin. That's good to know, but there are still massive differences in terms of cleanliness, condition of the lawn and barbecue the BBQ crowd itself. Not to be forgotten - Where's the next restroom? An integral part of a nice BBQ are also a cool beer or two - which will inevitably make you want to powder your nose after a little while. The team of Top10 Berlin wishes all of you a smaching BBQ season. Attention: The individual district offices of Berlin are in charge of licensing BBQ areas, and they may even revoke the status at short notice. Please pay attention to the signs in your BBQ spot!

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  • Parks


    Which are the nicest and biggest parks in Berlin that you can enjoy for free? Berlin has the fame of being a metropolis with many green lungs, you will find virtually all over town large parks to have a picnic, chill out or play sports. The team of Top10 Berlin has come up with the list of the nicest parks, relaxing greens, friendly BBQ spots, welcoming beer gardens and cafés and outstanding recreational and sports activities. What about a round of open-air karaoke, a trip to the children's farm or enjoy a movie in an open-air cinema? One thing is sure: with such a variety of choices, you won't get bored!

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  • Photo Spots

    Photo Spots

    In our Top10 list of photo spots in Berlin, we present the most varied and meaningful places in Berlin, that are perfect for taking unusual pictures of the German captial. The colorful elephant in Kreuzberg stands for particularly prestigious StreetArt, the Futurium and the Le Corbusier House are examples of architectural photography and the Gasometer in Schöneberg offers one of the most spectacular views over Berlin. The lovingly selected Top10 photo spots in Berlin all help to perceive the capital from the most different perspectives. The photo spots have one thing in common, they represent Berlin authentically and yet each photo lives from its uniqueness. Either amateur photography or Instagram post, this Top10 list offers plenty of inspiration.

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  • Picnic Places and Picnic Basket Rentals

    Picnic Places and Picnic Basket Rentals

    In order to enjoy a perfect picnic in a park in Berlin, the picnic community needs more than just a basket full of tasty goodies, as well the right location is decisive. This is exactly the reason why the team of Top10 Berlin went to check the city for the most beautiful places for a day out in the green. To give you the best list possible, we did not only check for recreational greens, nice view and tranquility, we also amassed tips for restaurants and cafés nearby which offer the service of renting a picnic basket, full to the brim with what you need to enjoy your picnic. Enjoy a couple of nice hours outside with the Top10 of the best picnic locations in Berlin!

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  • Places for the Best View Over Berlin

    Places for the Best View Over Berlin

    Where do you get the best views in Berlin? It's true, the city doesn't really have that many hills and mountains as viewpoints from which you get a look over Berlin, but still there are some places where you can enjoy a spectacular view. If you are in for a bit more of a thrill, watch the bustling metropolis soaring above it in a balloon or with a cocktail in your hand while watching the sunset on a rooftop terrace. The Top10 Team hopes you enjoy the 10 best viewing points of Berlin. Our tip: Don't forget to bring your camera!

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  • Places to watch the UEFA European Championship 2024

    Places to watch the UEFA European Championship 2024

    Berlin is in soccer fever again! The European Football Championship 2024 will take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024, and many soccer fans in Berlin will be celebrating with great enthusiasm. After Germany last hosted the World Cup in 2006, we are now hosting it again. Reason enough to watch the best games together with friends. Many restaurants, soccer pubs and beer gardens are gearing up and setting up screens and flatscreens to indulge in watching together. Here are the best public viewing venues in Berlin, from chic beer gardens and small breweries to rustic soccer pubs.

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  • Skate Routes

    Skate Routes

    Inline skating or skateboarding promotes your fitness and balance and trains your legs and butt muscles. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the right skating route where the asphalt is good and no cars are driving. Probably one of the most beautiful routes in the area is located outside Berlin, in Teltow. The so called “Fläming Skate” offers over 200 km of the finest asphalt with a width of up to 3 m. Those who rather want to stay in Berlin will also find a bunch of great routes in the city. The Top10 team has put together the 10 most beautiful skating routes! Sometimes idyllic along the water, sometimes in the middle of a forest – whether professional or beginner, a visit is definitely worth it!

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  • Special and Funny Museums

    Special and Funny Museums

    This Top10 Berlin selection of special and funny museums is for those, who are fed up with old oil painting and are looking for more action and unusual exhibits. Anything, from an original lipstick used by film star Hildegard Kef, a jeans worn by Johnny Ramone and even the appendix of former Reichspräsident Friedrich Ebert can be found. The Top10 Team wishes you lots of fun exploring the ten funniest and most peculiar museums of Berlin.

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  • Special Cinemas

    Special Cinemas

    Contrary to the faceless multiplex cinemas, Berlin still has small cinemas and traditional movie theatres dotted all over town. Many of them are precious little gems and remind of us the great era of the going to the movies. They do not only screen the big blockbusters and these small places are perfect to do what one should do when at the movies: secretly hold hands in the dark.

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  • Special City Tours

    Special City Tours

    Which one is the best city tour in Berlin? This depends largely on your personal taste. You can tour the city either by bus, by boat or even entirely with the Trabi - the East-German plastic car - and see all the sights. The team of Top10 Berlin has gathered a list of the funniest and most exciting city tours and can recommend anything from the comedy bus tour, to a sightseeing tour with a Segway or a bus tour for music aficionados. Berlin offers a multitude of entertaining city tours to scout Germany's capital.

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  • Sunshine Activities

    Sunshine Activities

    When the sun is out, the Berliners are magically drawn outside. In parks and gardens all over the city Mother Nature shows her lush green and being outdoors feels great again, getting the true Berlin feeling when taking a deep breath. Now is the time to go skating, cycling or just strolling leisurely through a park, be it jogging or walking. The team of Top10 Berlin has come up with some splendid ideas for sunshine activities.

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  • Surprising Cultural Highlights

    Surprising Cultural Highlights

    The Dome of the Reichstag, the Museum Island and the TV Tower are undoubtedly all colossal sights of Berlin, but also always tremendously overcrowded, well known and - after the first visit - colossally boring. So where to go on the second trip to the capital to surprise friends and relatives or to simply discover hidden cultural highlights in Berlin? We will provide you with the answer.

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  • Tips against boring Sundays

    Tips against boring Sundays

    What to do when all shops are closed on a Sunday and you are just fed up with staying at home? Especially with rain, creative ideas are sought after. In order for your next Sunday to be a success, the team of Top10 Berlin has compiled a list to fight your boredom. Be it an excursion to playing sports, going to a Jazz brunch, visiting an exhibition or doing a rallye through Berlin - we hope that you have an enjoyable Sunday next time!

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  • Tips for Summer Activities

    Tips for Summer Activities

    Summer in Berlin - this means going out and enjoying the green parks, play sports, chill in a beer garden or party the night away open air. This Top10 Berlin lists shows you a cornucopia of locations for the party crowd, but also for families and tourists. You will find some well-known locations like the Admiralbrücke as point of call for summer, but also places off the beaten track like Alte Börse Marzahn or haubentaucher at the RAW area. In any case, the team of Top10 Berlin wishes you a great summer and even greater nights!

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  • Unique City Walks

    Unique City Walks

    Anyone can do a boring city walk with Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and TV Tower. The Unique City Walks of Top10 Berlin show Germany's capital from its authentic and unadulterated side and invite both tourists and locals to discover the city. What about a gourmet walk through some Berlin neighbourhoods, a pooch promenade of the city, a trip through the underworld of Berlin, a jogging tour past the Berlin Sights or a hike through the fashion hot spots of Berlin and the most popular clubs? Our list caters for all this and more - please find here the Top10 of Berlin's Unique City Walks.

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  • Water Sports

    Water Sports

    Diving, sailing, rowing, surfing, water skiing - the offer of water sports in Berlin is huge. This is not surprising as our city is surrounded by lakes and the river Spree. If you prefer quiet activities on the water, you will like renting a boat; if you need action instead, you will certainly enjoy wakeboarding. The Top10 Berlin team found the 10 most beautiful locations for water sports in Berlin!

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  • Weekend Trips to Brandenburg

    Weekend Trips to Brandenburg

    Free weekends with plenty of time on hand are perfect to explore the city and its surroundings. Brandenburg for example got a lot of beautiful sights that make you explore culture, nature, sports or the industrial heritage of the region. The team of Top10 Berlin researched the best destinations to visit with either your family, club, friends or together with your colleagues. How about a boat trip through Spreewald, listening to classical music at a monastery or climbing in the northeast of Brandenburg?

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  • Winter Activities

    Winter Activities

    There are of course the sunny winter days calling you outside for being active. But we all know that there are dark and dreary days, cold and wet and just not nice - still, no need to stay at home in Berlin. The city offers countless winter activities when your long winter walk gets drowned in mucky slush outside. We've compiled a list berlin tipps which independently from the weather outside will make you feel good.

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