Thai food is without any doubt one of the most tasteful food in the world. You can always expect tasty surprises and sometimes even a bit of secrecy - expect astonishing flavours any time you order. If you like spicy food, you will love Thai menus. Hot or mild in flavour, very low in fat - Thai food is just always an exotic delight. The team of Top10 Berlin has set out on a quest to find the 10 best Thai restaurants of Berlin!

  • Foto: Mao Thai

    Menus with green and red curry, prawn patties, duck in oyster sauce, a number of dishes with fish and edible plate decorations made of veggies - the Mao Thai has been the first high-end Thai restaurant in Eastern Berlin since 1993.

  • Foto: Good time

    The Good time offers you an incredible variety of dishes. Be it fried chicken with pineapple-lychee sauce, baked duck with tiger king prawns or pork with veggies - the choice is never an easy one to make.

  • Foto: Sisaket

    Your eyes will rejoice at the Sisaket! The kitchen team of this Thai restaurant close to Checkpoint Charlie will decorate the food with extravagant patterns and floral creations.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    This small Thai restaurant, located in a side street of Berlin-Steglitz excels with authentic Thai cuisine.

  • Foto: Thai Inside

    Squash soup with prawns, duck on red vegetable curry with lychees or haddock, mussles and veggies in red curry - these are just some of the specialities that Thai Inside has to offer.

  • Foto: Suksan

    Really worth mentioning with this Thai restaurant in Berlin-Schöneberg are the fruity sauces with a refreshing yet not obtrusive taste.

  • Foto: Restaurant Taleh Thai

    Despite its location somewhat off the beaten track, the restaurant Taleh Thai for Thai specialities cannot complain about a lack of guests.

  • Foto: Kien-Du-Kiang-Thong

    A wide variety of self-made curries is the secret trump card of the Kien Du. Be it with chicken, fish, ducks, prawns or tofu: the exquisite cuisine of North Eastern Thailand is always mouthwatering.

  • Foto: dpa

    The exotic atmosphere of Friedrichshain's Sala Thai will make the guests feel like if they were on holiday.

  • Foto: Gastronomie-System cha cha GmbH

    cha chã Positive Eating in Friedrichstraße in Berlin-Mitte wants to positively influence the attitude to life with his interpretation of Thai cuisine.