Street food markets and food trucks really do have become a trend in Berlin for discovering new flavours from all over the world in a sophisticated way. No matter if it is Iberian steamed pork, Thai tapioka dumplings or Vietnamese porridge - you're nearly speechless at all the variety. However, also classics like cheese Spätzle or the good old burger don't fall by the wayside. The operators of the food trucks - new speak for mobile snack stalls - find new interpretations for most every dish. If you want to discover the places yourself: The team of Top10 Berlin has compiled a list of the best street food markets in Berlin for you.
  • Street Food at Markthalle Neun

    The owners of Markthalle Neun have kicked off all street food events in Berlin with their Street Food Thursday. Various other successful events like the Naschmarkt (Sweets Market) or the Breakfast Market followed suit.

  • Street Food auf Achse at the Kulturbrauerei

    „Street Food auf Achse“ is the name of the street food market that has been running in Prenzlauer Berg's Kulturbrauerei since early 2015. The market opens its pots every other Sunday of the month for the Berliners to enjoy its creations.

  • Bite Club Street Food Market

    The Bite Club started its new street food season in May 2015. From now on, you can enjoy some real street food treats in this open air location by the Spree.

  • Kantini im Bikini

    13 international food specialists from all over the world, from Mexico to Hawaii, present their culinary delights at Kantini, the permanent food market in Bikini Berlin.

  • Street Food at Arminiusmarkthalle

    Moabit's Arminiusmarkthalle may not be as hip and big as Markthalle Neun, but it still holds some culinary street food surprises in stock.

  • The Green Market Berlin

    The first vegan market in Berlin is located directly at the Spree and focuses on sustainability, local food and vegan lifestyle.

  • Thaiwiese at Preußenpark

    The Preußenparks turns into an Asian Street Food Market on most weekends during the warmer season.

  • Klunkerkranich Food Market

    The Klunkerkranich Food Market is probably Berlin's highest street food market in Berlin. It is located in the open air club Klunkerkranich on the top floor of the parking garage of the shopping centre Neukölln Arcaden.

  • Weekly Market on Winterfeldtplatz

    Not really another hip street food event in Berlin but tasty food, right in your hand without having to wait for ages: the weekly market on Winterfelftplatz is a culinary delight with numerous vendors.

  • Lunch-Karawane

    On several locations throughout Berlin, Lunch Karawane offers weekdays street food from various food trucks for your lunch break.