The exclusive and luxury brand stores in the City West of Berlin enjoy the fame of having more consumer-friendly prices in comparison to other European capitals, even in the upper segments. This has earned Berlin the reputation of being a paradise for shoppers. You'll find hosts of people with posh shopping bags filled to the brim not only around the big shopping centres like KaDeWe or Galeries Lafayette, but also on the shopping streets such as Kurfürstendamm and Friedrichstraße. But also off the beaten track Berlin offers a lot of shopping possibilites for those with a limited spending account. Anything from original fashion made in Berlin, sweet shops, vintage and second hand shops to extravagant ideas for souvenirs and presents: Berlin holds the answers to questions, you didn't even know you had.
  • 24/7 Shops, Bars and Restaurants

    24/7 Shops, Bars and Restaurants

    In need of a 24/7 shop in Berlin for stocking up food supplies or medicine? Or are you craving a cooked meal and a cocktail in the middle of the night? This isn't an easy task due to Germany's very strict Shop Closing Law. But there are a few exceptions. The Top10 Berlin Team has found 24/7 supermarkets, pharmacies, bars and restaurants where customers will never stand in front of a closed door!

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  • Arts, Crafts and DIY

    Arts, Crafts and DIY

    Countless stores and shops in Berlin will give you ideas for self-made, creative projects. Creativity is once again the gas! Knitting, sewing, painting, stamping or making your own jewellery or porcelain design is not a pastime for elderly ladies only, the younger generations are discovering these activities to express their creativity and individualism. So what better than crafting a present for your significant other all by yourself? Berlin has a striking landscape of shops for artists and creative people, anything from fabrics, articles for painting and other crafts. The Top10 list of the best shops for arts, crafts and DIY.

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  • Berlin Fashion

    Berlin Fashion

    Where to shop fashion made by Berlin designers? An increasing number of independent young Berlin labels come up in the creative neighbourhoods of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg and their fame spreads by word-of-mouth to attain cult status in no time. What's the great advantage of such a young and vibrant scene? Fashion aficionados can still get unique and very individual pieces of clothing at an affordable price. We tell you where you can find your new favourite piece of clothing that you will not see a second time in the street.

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  • Berlin Souvenirs

    Berlin Souvenirs

    The variety of Berlin souvenirs is enormous, their sheer amount seems endless but the products are not always original or appealing. Tourists to Berlin are therefore faced with a dilemma as to what to bring home for their loved ones. That's why the team of Top10 Berlin has started looking for truly original Berlin souvenirs for you - starting with popular items like the Ampelmännchen or the BuddyBears to finish with unique pieces of clothing or toye by genuine Berlin designers. Have fun while shopping for the best souvenirs from Berlin!

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  • Costume Rentals and Fancy Dress Shops

    Costume Rentals and Fancy Dress Shops

    No matter if it is dressing up for carnival, Halloween or just the right outfit for the Bohème Sauvage party - there are countless occasions to disguise yourself all year round. The Top10 Team has checked the best places for costume rentals and fancy dresses in Berlin for helping you just to find that special costume! Have fun digging through their stocks!

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  • Eco Fashion from Berlin

    Eco Fashion from Berlin

    Green Eco Fashion from Berlin is really cool and sexy and changed the image of scratchy wool sweaters, jute clothes and muesli. The new eco-fashion labels produce modern clothing which has often been produced not only by nature, but also by fair trade rules. From street wear to business fashion to seductive underwear, the huge range of organic fashion is now available to anyone. Even accessories such as shoes, belts and handbags that do not need leather and are therefore vegan can be seen. The Top10 team has researched and found the Berlin boutiques with the best range of eco fashion labels.

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  • Exclusive Underwear and Lingerie

    Exclusive Underwear and Lingerie

    Off-the-peg underwear usually folds in the wrong places and can also be found in almost every second drawer in Berlin anyway. To prevent this from happening and to give the clothes "underneath" a little more importance, there are individual lingerie stores in Berlin with good advice and beautiful underwear and lingerie with lots of sex appeal.

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  • Farmers' Markets

    Farmers' Markets

    Discover exotic food, sample fresh snacks and just spend a nice laid-back time - a trip to a farmers' market is rewarding in many ways. But the same question as always: where in Berlin is the best farmers' market? Where can you find the best price and which of these markets has the best flair? The team of Top10 Berlin did some serious market research and has come up with all the answers. Have fun exploring the best farmers' markets in Berlin!

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  • Fashion Outlets

    Fashion Outlets

    If you are looking for the best brands in fashion at the very best prices you’ll love our fashion outlets. Numerous offers of well-known brands and designers are on sale – Nike, Mango, and Armani just to name a few. Up to 50 % sale are not a rarity but the average.

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  • Flea Markets and Jumble Sales

    Flea Markets and Jumble Sales

    Which is the best flea market in Berlin? You'll get the answer to this question with our list of the 10 most beautiful flea markets and jumble sales of Germany's capital. Anything from second-hand fashion, books, records, applied arts, designer samples to kitsch and nicknacks make the hearts of bargain hunters rejoice. Have fun hunting for spoils, bartering and haggling at any one of them!

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  • Flower Shops

    Flower Shops

    "Flowers say more than a thousand words" - this is something often heard. Flowers are always a good choice, especially when they are arranged creatively and come from the heart. No matter if the occasion is a wedding, Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a birthday or just a very special way of saying "Thank you" - flowers are always a special gift when picked with love.

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  • Food Outlets

    Food Outlets

    The food outlets, factory outlets or factory shops in Berlin are a quite good alternative to supermarkets. In general, many branded products are much cheaper in outlets, including food outlets, whether they are sold in larger units or with minor blemishes. Who cares that the marzipan pig, the Easter bunny or the chocolate Santa Claus have minor defects? They are still very delicious. But not only the sweetbeaks and sweet toothers get their money's worth in factory sales of the Berlin production plants, the hearty fraction also finds what they are looking for. The Top10 editorial team presents the ten best food outlets in Berlin.

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  • Interior Design

    Interior Design

    Whether you want to decorate or furnish your new flat or simply get a nice present for someone – this list about interior design in Berlin is guaranteed to help you find new and amazing furniture or other interior items. Exclusive designer furniture as well as accessories in Scandinavian or vintage designs from cities such as London, Paris and Copenhagen are represented in our Top10 List. No matter what you are looking for – with the great mix of interior styles and the huge variety of furniture and accessories you will surely find something amazing!

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  • Presents for Women

    Presents for Women

    What women really want is a mystery for many men. And when it comes to gifts for the loved one, the riddle seems even bigger. But luckily the Top10 editorial team gives a little insight into the female soul. Dear men, this Top10 Berlin list is made for you by women. It is supposed to serve as an inspiration and hopefully prevents some disappointed faces at Christmas, birthday, wedding day or any other day when a woman deserves a present. And that's actually every day, just to solve a mystery.

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  • Products Made in Berlin

    Products Made in Berlin

    Whether it’s fashion, accessories or culinary goods - Berlin has got a lot to offer. Berlin designers, labels and factories create plenty of pretty awesome stuff. There are so many different products made in Berlin which are all equally cool, all got that special berlin feel about them and they make the perfect gift or are special souvenirs that differ from all the run-of-the-mill presents you usually get.

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  • Record Stores

    Record Stores

    Where do music professionals like famous DJs and musicians buy their records? And where in Berlin can you find genuine vinyl records? The Top10 Berlin team has been looking for the best vinyl shops and records stores in the German capital. The range of music offered was important. As record store employees are considered rather grumpy, friendliness was taken in consideration as well and the nerd factor was included also. The result: In many small record shops music lovers will find good advice and real treasures away from the mainstream. Whether electro records from small labels from Iceland, metal or relaxed lounge or jazz - we hope you enjoy browsing through Berlin's best record shops!

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  • Second Hand Shops

    Second Hand Shops

    Fashion from Second Hand Shops has long lost its fame for being dingy but has become rather trendy again. Stars and style icons like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss but also streetstyle-blogs like "Stil in Berlin" show how to combine second-hand pieces of clothing with other pieces to something uniquely cool-looking. If you want to go for this look as well, Berlin has a host of second hand clothing shops. Stores that sell hardly-worn vintage pieces from movie productions, shops selling true rarities from Iceland and the USA up to the cosy neighbourhood corner shop with pieces for 1 euro bargains - Berlin has all of this and more. The Top10 Team wishes you the best of luck when hunting through the second hand shops of Berlin!

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  • Shopping Centres

    Shopping Centres

    Shopping centres are about everywhere in the world and Berlin is no exception to the rule. In many cases they have contributed to reviving areas of the city and giving a new lease of life to city quarters. Sometimes they also offer leisure activities like bowling, a cinema or fitness clubs and include services like a post office or a bank. But above all it is the incredible amount of retail shops and brands combined with a copious gastronomic variety to provide everything for a well-rounded shopping experience. Many small stores under one roof guarantee short distances between the shops, which makes Berlin shopping centres play a vital role above all in the holiday season.

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  • Sneaker Shops

    Sneaker Shops

    Berlin has a vast number of shops specializing in sneakers. If you are looking for a particular model, limited editions or just a plain comfy show, the you are right here. Often the sneaker variety is enriched by matching streetwear and music on vinyl. Top10 Berlin has been looking around town for the 10 best sneaker stores in town - this is what we have come up with!

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  • Tea Shops

    Tea Shops

    Especially in the dark season or in bad weather, a good cup of tea warms the body and lifts the spirits. In Berlin there are excellent tea shops that offer different flavours and brands of exquisite teas. Some shops also give competent advice to beginners as well as tea connoisseurs. Some stores even organize tea tastings and tea seminars to introduce you to the diverse world of tea. Go on a journey into the world of tea in Berlin and discover exciting an unusual tea for your individual tea time at home.

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  • Unique Presents

    Unique Presents

    Tie pins, another new pair of socks and other unfortunate presents are already piling up in the drawers and cupboards of friends and family? Are you missing an idea for a truly unique present that does not disappear without any further notice in the basement or secretly thrown away? Nothing easier than that - the Top10 Berlin team has come up with the 10 most unusual, unique and memorable places for getting an unforgettable present for you!

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  • Unique shoe stores

    Unique shoe stores

    Nice shoes are important. Not only do they make an outfit perfect, they also convey a sense of life, not to mention that shoes sometimes last a lifetime. In Berlin there is a huge abundance of shoe shops that satisfy the most varied shoe needs; from trendy to vegan, from custom-made shoes to designer shoes and from high heels to slippers. Some of the shoes stores make their shoes in their own manufactures.

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  • Vintage Fashion

    Vintage Fashion

    Vintage fashion is back in Berlin. Bargain hunters and fans of fine designer fashion are looking for creative looks in the best vintage shops in town, many of which have been opened in recent years. Vintage has also gained additional momentum because of the idea of sustainability. Vintage originally means "old-fashioned", "classic" but also "exquisite". Vintage in fashion usually means well-preserved clothes that are more than twenty or even thirty years old. Sometimes the term vintage also refers to selected "better" second hand garments or fashion from earlier collections by well-known designers, which is sold at lower prices. The Top10 editorial team presents the best vintage fashion shops in Berlin, each with a different focus. Some stores have specialized in noble designer fashion, other vintage shops present fashion from a certain decade and again others show a mix of second hand and vintage. Find here the true vintage treasures in Berlin - for very different budgets.

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  • Wine shops

    Wine shops

    Wine is a world of its own and has many facets. There is a huge variety of wines for every taste and occasion. For beginners it is sometimes difficult to find their way around the world of wine. Whether sweet or dry, whether from Germany, France or overseas - in these wine shops in Berlin you will find the best quality wines and competent salesmen who can answer any question. Anyone will find good advice and expertise in those Berlin wine shops!

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