Isn't it just great to feel the warm sun on your skin? What about sitting in a calm café without any traffic noise and getting the best of both worlds: a nice latte with a sudden rush of serotonin caused by the Berlin sun. Where are the cafés with nice terraces, sunny courts or just plain sunshine? The team of Top10 Berlin has come up with a list for you. Important: Don't forget wearing a hat and using sunscreen - we don't want you to get a sunburn!
  • Cafe am Engelbecken

    If you want to breathe the air of the historic Luisenstädter Kanal - where the districts of Mitte and Kreuzberg meet - why not enjoy the sun at Café am Engelbecken?

  • Bar Gagarin

    Russian beer on tap, blini with almond quark and lots of sun can be enjoyed at Bar Gagarin near Kollwitzplatz.

  • Weyers Cafe – Restaurant

    The Weyers doubles as café and restaurant and its great terrace goes out to Charlottenburg's Ludwigkirchplatz, a zone with next to no traffic.

  • Zitronencafé at Körnerpark

    The Zitronencafé (Lemon Café) in Körnerpark is a beautiful place with a large sun terrace in the middle of Neukölln.

  • Café Schloss Biesdorf

    Café Schloss Biesdorf serves delicious homemade cakes and pies at Biesdorf castle, the former residence of the Siemens family.

  • auszeit

    The auszeit in Berlin-Pankow is café, restaurant and bar all rolled into one, providing for an escape from the busy day-to-day with lovely sunny outside seating.

  • Milchhäuschen

    The rustic café and restaurant Milchhäuschen (milk cottage) is a popular destination on the lake Weißer See where you can drink coffee on the sunny terrace overlooking the lake.

  • Eat Side

    A super-sunny terrace with an unbeatable view can be found at Eat Side inside the Universal building at Osthafen Berlin.

  • Cafe Restaurant Villa Rixdorf

    A really great atmosphere can be found in the beer garden of the historic Villa Rixdorf on Neukölln's Richardplatz.

  • Cafe Fleury

    This small French café on Berlin-Mitte's Weinbergsweg is a popular meeting point for sun worshippers.