No city in the world has more or better free things to do than Berlin. In addition to world-class museums – some have free admission – the city is home to beautiful parks, buzzing markets, captivating cemeteries, stunning churches and phenomenal viewpoints. Here are just 10 top free attractions in Germany’s capital. They are great for everyone but really appreciated when you travelling on a Budget.
  • Futurium

    We are the future before to be in it: go and take the chance to discover what it could be.

  • Street Musicians at Oberbaumbrücke

    Music is life and freedom: that's why musicians at Oberbaumbrücke will give you lots of beats. Don't miss it!

  • Urban Nation Museum

    What saved and will save street art? Photography. Take this chance to see this contemporary urban and street art gallery.

  • David Bowie’s House

    Visit the outside of the building where David Bowie used to live in Berlin and remember that: "We can be heroes, for ever and ever".

  • Sinti and Roma Memorial

    Keeping memories will make us not forget the past. Don't miss the memorial for the Sinti and Roma communities killed in concentration camps.

  • Watch the sunset by the Landwehrkanal

    A sunset is a sunrise on the other side of the world. The Landwehrkanal will give you the chance to be the sunrise of someone.

  • The Berlin Philharmonic at lunch time

    Every Tuesday at 1 pm you will have the opportunity to attend a concert by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Karaoke Show at the Mauerpark

    Mauerpark is situated where once was the strip that separated East and West Berlin, is now a vibrant location in the city not to miss.

  • The Berlin Wall Memorial

    The Berlin Wall Memorial is the central place of the German division and is in the historical site of Bernauer Strasse.

  • Self-Guided Tour “Bergmannkiez”

    Better to run or walk? Better a nice walk trough Bergmankiez and taking a talk with the neighbourhood.