Crystal-clear water, secluded coves and fine powdery sand - the lakes of Berlin and the greater Berlin area are really a shangri-la for tired city-dwellers looking for a refreshing swim. The team of Top10 Berlin has packed the swimsuits and set out to find the best places to go for a swim and bask in the sun. Our findings astonished even us: there are still lots of unknown bathing lakes! Have fun exploring our true insiders' tips for bathing lakes. Tip: If you want daily updates of water quality of the lakes, try the following websites. For Berlin:, for Brandenburg: href="" target="_blank"> Remark: Due to the long and hot summer weather, there is a higher risk of wildfires in the woods and forests of Berlin. Therefore, smoking in the forest or its proximity (on the beaches of the Havel and the lakes for example) is absolutely forbidden, the same goes for BBQs or camp fires in the woods or cigarette stubs thrown carelessly from car windows.
  • Sacrower See

    Purest water, sand as fine as powder and a beer garden right on the beach - do you need anything more to be happy?

  • Groß-Glienicker See – Northern Bank

    Not only the extremely clear water with a depth visibility of up to 4 metres but also two green enchanted little islands in the lake make Groß-Glienicker See very special to its visitors.

  • Kleiner Müggelsee

    Nestled away in the forest under pine trees you will find the bathing beach Kleiner Müggelsee.

  • Havel – Badestelle Kuhhorn

    Tucked away in the Grunewald, deserted and absolutely peaceful - if you prefer a calmer place to go for a swim, the bathing spot Badestelle Kuhhorn on the banks of the Havel might just be the place for you.

  • Schlachtensee – Southern Bank

    Small, private coves with tall-standing oaks and acorns providing shade are a trademark of Schlachtensee.

  • Liepnitzsee

    Liepnitzsee with its crystal-clear water has long ceased to be an insiders' tip, yet it is still quite picturesque.

  • Lieper Bucht

    A large sandy beach, shaded spots in a small grove and several small bathing spots in the Lieper Bucht open the view of the river Havel and the island Lindwerder.

  • Straussee

    Several bathing spots, a small historical bathing marina and truly idyllic recreational greens create a little paradise for swimmers on Straussee.

  • Strandbad Orankesee

    If you can't do without amenities like changing rooms, restrooms and snack bars, you should go for a swim at Strandbad Orankesee.

  • Plötzensee

    Plötzensee is not really an insiders' tip tucked away off the beaten track, it's much more centrally located in the city - in the heart of Berlin-Wedding. It is, so to speak, a lake with S-Bahn connection.