This Top10 Berlin selection of special and funny museums is for those, who are fed up with old oil painting and are looking for more action and unusual exhibits. Anything, from an original lipstick used by film star Hildegard Kef, a jeans worn by Johnny Ramone and even the appendix of former Reichspräsident Friedrich Ebert can be found. The Top10 Team wishes you lots of fun exploring the ten funniest and most peculiar museums of Berlin.
  • Berlin Museum of Medical History

    "On the Trace of Life" is the name of the permanent exhibition of the Berlin Museum of Medical History, located directly on the grounds of the Charité, enabling you to travel through 300 years of medical history.

  • Lipstick Museum

    Original lipsticks from Hildegard Knef and Evita Perón are together with the charming Peter Koch as host the highlights of the lipstick museum. René Koch worked for over 20 years as head make-up artist at Yves Saint Laurent.

  • Hemp Museum Berlin

    The first Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp paper, van Gogh painted of course with hemp oil colours and even plastic sandals can now be made from refined hemp oil.

  • Ramones Museum

    The world's first and only Ramones Museum is at Berlin-Kreuzberg!

  • MAGICUM Berlin Magic Museum

    MAGICUM Berlin Magic Museum is Berlin's first interactive magic museum. It is centrally located in Berlin-Mitte and invites you to immerse yourself in the world of magic.

  • Museum Flat WBS 70

    A flat in a Plattenbau, the way of large panel system construction used in East Germany, still totally equipped with GDR furniture can be visited at Hellersdorf!

  • Museums of Things Unheard of

    A train of thought, a flash of inspiration or the hide of a bonsai stag - the Museum of Things Unheard of makes the real world meet the universe of fantasy.

  • Museum of Letters

    The letter "U" from a U-Bahn station, the "le" from Alexanderplatz or the famous "Zierfische" logo of the now closed aquaristics shop at Frankfurter Tor: Barbara Dechant and Anja Schulze have saved letters from the Berlin public since 2005.

  • Gas Light Open Air Museum

    You'll get in a romantic mood when walking amongst 90 historic gas lanterns from all over Europe in the Gas Light Open Air Museum.

  • Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things

    Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a woman's bust, trainers with the portrait of Obama or a rubber duck that needs to be strangled stand here side by side with design classics like the Panton Chair, the record player "SK 61" by Braun or the Frankfurt Kitchen - the world's first built-in kitchen.