What to do when all shops are closed on a Sunday and you are just fed up with staying at home? Especially with rain, creative ideas are sought after. In order for your next Sunday to be a success, the team of Top10 Berlin has compiled a list to fight your boredom. Be it an excursion to playing sports, going to a Jazz brunch, visiting an exhibition or doing a rallye through Berlin - we hope that you have an enjoyable Sunday next time!

  • Foto: Exit Berlin

    Experience the new trend: EXIT makes computer games come to life, but is not for the faint-hearted.

  • Foto: Spielwiese

    More time for playing: That's exactly what Spielwiese affords you. The big and bright location in Friedrichshain has an enormous choice of boardgames and a café on top of that!

  • Foto: Fette Sans

    The perfect combination of culture and culinary is a trip to the art gallery KW Berlin and its Café Bravo, where you can enjoy anything from breakfast to snacks, coffee and cake.

  • Foto: Dalí Berlin

    The artist Salvador Dalí was not only surrealist par excellence but also an avowed dandy.

  • Foto: Free Berlin Tours

    Free Berlin - Authentic bike tours don’t visit the typical sights in Berlin, but seek out insider locations which will amaze even Berlin locals..

  • Foto: Berlin Rallye

    The Berlin Cathedral is the starting point of an exciting scavenger hunt for all who want to learn about Berlin in a different way.

  • Der Kegel

    With 18,70 metres of height, the Kegel (The Cone) is Berlin's highest climbing tower. Not only can you meet your climbing urge in the cone-shaped building, but also host an active birthday party for children and take climbing classes.


    A Berliner Schnauze tour with the Berlin Bears will definitely banish boredom!

  • Photo: Bode-Museum | Atelier Tesar

    Combine museum visits with classical music by attending the museum concert series “Sonntags im Museum“ at the Bode-Museum in cooperation with the Staatsoper Berlin.

  • Foto: SATAMA Sauna Resort & Spa

    The wellness oasis SATAMA Sauna Resort & Spa is about 45 km away from Berlin at the southern tip of Scharmützelsee.SATAMA is Finnish and stands for "haven". If you decide to moor here, you will find an amazing variety of saunas on the 6000 square metres of the venue. - only about 1 hour by car from Berlin.