In Berlin you cannot only explore the city itself, but experience a journey around the world and feel like being on holiday, if you want. In this list of "Holiday feeling in the middle of Berlin" the Top10 editors have compiled the ten best tips on where to experience the cultural diversity of Berlin and hang out by the water, eat well or simply relax in small oases from the stress of the big city. On top you will get to know other cultures and lifestyles.
  • Vabali Spa

    The premium spa Vabali near Berlin's central station conveys holiday feelings in Balinese style throughout the year.

  • Orient Day – Turkish Hamam

    The latest Hamam of the city called Hamam Orient Day provides you with a trip to the Orient and a wellness fairy tale of a Thousand and One Nights.

  • Café mint

    Very British indeed – this is how one feels at Café mint in the botanical Volkspark Pankow.

  • Bejte Ethiopia

    In Bejte Ethiopia visitors experience Africa up close. At Bejte Ethiopia you will discover culinary delights plus the typical, handmade African music.

  • Biosphere Potsdam

    A trip into the tropical rainforest! At the biosphere Potsdam visitors discover the mysterious world of the rainforest and get to know its diverse fauna.

  • Comenius Garden

    A journey to one of Berlin’s greenest places – the idyllic Comenius Garden in Berlin-Neukölln promises peaceful and relaxing moments.

  • Magna Mata Flamenco

    You will feel in Andalusia at Magna Mata Flamenco. For years the Flamenco Dance Studio has been filling people of all ages with enthusiasm for the Flamenco with the help of workshops, dance classes and performances.

  • HimmelBlauBerlin

    Feeling as if you were in Saint Tropez? In the middle of Berlin? No problem with HimmelBlauBerlin – a guided city tour with classic vehicles and a tour guide with lots of insider knowledge of the city.

  • Brasil Brasiliero

    At Brasil Brasiliero real Brazil feeling with traditional samba atmosphere comes up.