Here are our tips to lift your spirits with fun activities in Berlin: Everyone knows these days. Nothing works like you want and in fact it would have be nicer to just stay in bed. Bad moods come and go. That leaves only one question: What to do with on such days? We suggest to better have some fun to bring back the joy of life. Either with the help of sports, sweets or comedy shows: Some places in Berlin will make you feel happier immediately!
  • Kochbox Cooking School

    Kochbox cooking school in Berlin-Mitte provides you with a good mood, because here they sizzle with "Rock 'n Roll" attitude.

  • Bonbonmacherei Kolbe & Stecher

    In a small backyard sweets manufacturer Bonbonmacherei Kolbe & Stecher produces sweets like they used to 100 years ago.

  • Gutes Wedding – Schlechtes Wedding

    Gutes Wedding – Schlechtes Wedding at primetime theater in Berlin Wedding is the world's only theater sitcom. Strained laughter muscles are guaranteed.

  • Café Keese Berlin

    The Berlin dance hall Café Keese is cult! With its changing dance parties it ensures a good mood on 364 days a year, seven days a week. In 2016 Café Keese celebrates its 50th anniversary.

  • Squash House

    The Squash House is one of the largest squash courts in Berlin.

  • Eisteufelchen

    The small ice cream parlor brightens your day with unusual ice creams flavours like Baumkuchen, elderberry buttermilk or creamy mint.

  • Fighting School Mewis Dojo

    Many people who have a bad temper want to let out their frustrations somewhere.

  • Zaubertheater Jedlin

    Zaubertheater Jedlin in Charlottenburg is the only permanent magic theater in Europe and enchants its audience for 25 years already.

  • Kunstkekse

    Chocolate helps against sorrow, frustration and bad temper. Art biscuits in Eisenberg's café and bistro in Berlin Mitte offers a comforting combination of biscuits.


    Jumping on trampolines simply puts you in a good mood. You can also jump on trampolines regardless of the weather at MYJUMP, a giant trampoline park in Reinickendorf.