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Top10 List: Special City Tours

Which one is the best city tour in Berlin? This depends largely on your personal taste. You can tour the city either by bus, by boat or even entirely with the Trabi - the East-German plastic car - and see all the sights. The team of Top10 Berlin has gathered a list of the funniest and most exciting city tours and can recommend anything from the comedy bus tour, to a sightseeing tour with a Segway or a bus tour for music aficionados. Berlin offers a multitude of entertaining city tours to scout Germany's capital.

Rank 1: ComedyBus

4.50 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: S.R.ComedyBus

For all those who want more than photos of the Brandenburg Gate: The ComedyBus is Berlin's funniest city tour and shows some unusual places with a lot of emotion and Berlin lingo.

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Rank 2: Trabi Safari

4.45 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Trabi Safari

The Trabi Safari is a city tour in a vintage GDR car, affectionately nicknamed "Trabi". These little cars have earned cult status in the meantime and in a convoi of up to six vehicles you get to experience Berlin in a special way.

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Rank 3: SEG2Go – Segway-Tours

4.33 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: SEG2GO

Explore the city on a Segway and get to see Berlin's sights at the same time - that's double the fun to start with! SEG2GO organises Segway-tours through Berlin.

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Rank 4: Videobus Tour

4.20 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Videobustour

A sightseeing tour is obligatory when your family comes to visit the city. Even locals can learn something new about their city every day, the tour on the videobus is the best proof of it.

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4.08 of 5 Top10Points


Where in Berlin can you follow David Bowie's footsteps? In which studio did U2 record an album? What is the favourite club of Peter Fox? "Fritz Musictours Berlin" gives you the answers to all these questions and some more.

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Rank 6: Berlin on Bike

3.70 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Berlin on Bike

Not only tourists will get to know a different kind of Berlin when going on a bike tour by Berlin on Bike. Berlin locals tell their stories on the routes "Crude East Facts", "Oases in the Metropolis" or "All along the Wall" and share their secret favourite spots in town.

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Rank 7: Velotaxi City Tours

3.52 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Velotaxi

The greenest city tour in town is a sightseeing tour with the velotaxi. The chauffeurs pedal their guests through the city in modern and comfortable bike rickshaws. The tour duration varies between 1 - 3 hours.

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Rank 8: Berlin Coach Tours

3.45 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Berlin Kutschfahrten

Berlin Kutschfahrten as operator offers all kinds of different tours in horse-drawn carriages, anything from a historical tour through Berlin over a nocturnal tour to an adventure tour.

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Rank 9: Best of Berlin Tour by City Circle

3.25 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Gundi Abramski

For many tourists a classic "hop-on / hop off" tour is the ideal basis for a flexible discovery tour of the Berlin sights.

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Rank 10: Bridge Tour by Boat

3.00 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: dpa/picture-alliance

Did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? If you want to get to know some of them up close along with many of the city's sights, a bridge tour by boat on the Spree and the Landwehr Channel is your choice of tour.

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