Tempelhofer Freiheit

Cycling, jogging, skating, miniature golf, kiting, BBQ and growing your own veggies with urban gardening - the airfield of the former airport Tempelhof has enjoyed great popularity with the Berliners ever since its opening on 8 May 2011.
Foto: Gruen Berlin | Christo Libuda

© Foto: Gruen Berlin | Christo Libuda

Foto: Gruen Berlin | Christo Libuda

© Foto: Gruen Berlin | Christo Libuda

The size of the area with 303 hectares is simply breath-taking – London’s Hyde Park is only 240 ha big.
BBQ is allowed in 3 designated clean areas close to the entrances of the area. If you don’t want to bring your own food, there is also a beer garden in the park. With your batteries recharged, what about a round of football or badminton on the absolutely flat green?

Further activities are miniature golf, skating, cycling, jogging or a Segway Tour. During autumn, many visitors to the park use the open space for kiting.

The only downside of the park are the few trees, so in summer there is next to no natural shade and some visitors think that it is overall somewhat bleak. A further development of Tempelhofer Feld was voted down in a referendum. Until a decision on the further history has been made, the area is open for
urban gardening if you want to burnish your green thumb.

Top10 Berlin tip: There are guide tours through the old terminal and airport buildings and the park.

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