The stereotypical child living in a big city does not know what a cow or a chicken looks like and believes that milk and eggs grow in the supermarket. That's not true for the kids of Berlin, since countless agricultural project and farms for kids and children offer an alternative. On these farms the kids may feed, groom and pet the animals, but also do some gardening or enjoy the day out. Most of these farms work on a non-profit base with volunteer staff, so donations for feed and upkeep of the venues are always welcome.

  • Foto: Domäne Dahlem | Wendlandt

    Domäne Dahlem was once a genuine manor and is now run as a big organic farm.

  • Foto: Alte Fasanerie

    The Alte Fasanerie in Berlin- Reinickendorf is a children's farm, an extracurricular learning place and offers holiday programs.

  • Foto: ufaFabrik Kinderbauernhof

    The ponies, wooly pigs and rabbits are certainly the main attractions for children at Tempelhof's ufaFabrik with its 1.600 square metres.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    Donkeys, sheep, chickens, a black and white cat and many more animals live at Pankow's kids' farm Kinderbauernhof Pinke Panke.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    This kids' farm at the Luxemburger street in Berlin-Wedding has reopened under the name of "Kinderbunter Bauernhof".

  • Foto: Jugendfarm Moritzhof

    Prenzlauer Berg's Jugendfarm Moritzhof offers a daily changing programme to kids between 6 and 16 years.

  • Foto: Sebastian Kahnert, dpa

    The kids' farm of Görlitzer Park offers so many activities for children that it is impossible to be bored there!

  • Foto: dpa picture-alliance

    The kids' farm Kinderbauernhof Mauerplatz was started in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the early 1980s on a debris field close to the Berlin Wall.

  • Foto: Tierhof Alt-Marzahn

    Fluffy goatlings and baby rabbits can be petted at the Tierhof Alt Marzahn.

  • Foto: dpa | Rainer Jensen

    Charlottenburg's Goat Farm is not only visited by children and adults from the neighbourhood of Klausenerplatz.