BBQ at Görlitzer Park

Guys with dreadlocks who rather grill tofu than a real sausage, people playing the drums, large Turkish families and universtiy students - the BBQ crowd at Görlitzer Park is more than only a little diverse.


Foto: Top10 Berlin

The Görlitzer Park, which it is also called “Görli”, used to be the site of the Görlitz railway station. Today it is the central recreation area in Kreuzberg, which is visited by a colourful mixed public. It is equipped with two officially designated barbecue areas, which are located at the level of Cuvrystraße and on the corner of Sorauer Straße.
During a walk you will pass various sculptures, extensive sunbathing lawns, several sports and playgrounds, a 14 ha large ornamental garden and a biotope. Furthermore, visitors will find a skating facility, quiet areas and a traffic training area.

A children’s farm near Glogauer Straße provides variety and Café Edelweiss in the middle of the park offers a nice place to go when hungry or thirsty. The Spreewaldbad, the indoor swimming pool in the district, is located on Wiener Strasse. If the weather is fine, open air festivals are often held in the Görli. If the weather is not so great, the blacklight mini-golf course in the basement of Café ISA MITZ can be visited.

However, the guests in the Görli do not take it quite so exactly with the cleanliness. Furthermore, despite a zero tolerance policy and numerous police checks after dark in the Görli, caution is still required.


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BBQ at Görlitzer Park

Görlitzer Straße 41, 10999 Berlin



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Where can I do a BBQ?

Two designated BBQ areas near Cuvrystraße and on the intersection Sorauer Straße

Cleanliness of the Park

The main recreational greens and the BBQ areas are mediocre in cleanlines, there are also some greener areas, for example around a little pond in the park

Next Restroom

At Café Edelweiss and the restaurants and bars around the park

BBQ Crowd

Alternative people, university students, drummers, large Turkish families


Farm for children, skate park


Plenty of parking around the park, albeit busy most of the time