HotRod Tour through Berlin

Enjoy the sights of Berlin in the undoubtedly coolest city tour through Germany's capital and experience Berlin with a grin on your face!
Foto: Jörg Scharmann

© Foto: Jörg Scharmann

Foto: Jörg Scharmann

© Foto: Jörg Scharmann

Foto: Jörg Scharmann

© Foto: Jörg Scharmann

Foto: Jörg Scharmann

© Foto: Jörg Scharmann

The HotRods are reminiscent of the soapbox of derby racers, but in fact the chassis of these cabriolets is equipped with a four-stroke-engine empowering the cars with almost 14 PS. No need to push these cigars on wheels down any hill to get to cruising speed… The HotRods fulfil their promise of a whole lot of fun and a driving experience of the special kind.

The normal starting point are the RAW grounds on Revaler Straße. The tour takes you past all of the most important Berlin sights, among them also the East Side Gallery, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate.
Since you will be driving in the street, you are required to wear a helmet. The helmets including matching balaclava are available by HotRod and are included in the rental price.

You will have to bring your valid driver’s license and you should not stand taller than 2 metres (6.5′) or weigh more than 120 kg (19 stone). The required blood-alcohol limit is 0.0.

Here you can book your ticket for the HotRod Tour in just 30 seconds.

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Revaler Str., 99, 10245, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours


March - November

Tour Hours

09:30 am - 23:30 pm

Important information

Price Level

80 minutes 77.00 Euro/person, 120 minutes 99.00 Euro/person

Safety Deposit

150,00 euro/vehicle

Card Payment



You need to hold a valid driver's license for cars, maximum size of the driver: 2 m (6,5'), maximum weight: 130 kg (19 stone), suitable shoes. Important: Zero tolerance policy, no drunk driving, no use of narcotics of medication which impede your fitness to drive.