Bejte Ethiopia

In Bejte Ethiopia visitors experience Africa up close. At Bejte Ethiopia you will discover culinary delights plus the typical, handmade African music.
Foto: Bejte Ethiopia

© Foto: Bejte Ethiopia

Foto: Bejte Ethiopia

© Foto: Bejte Ethiopia

A trip to Ethiopia in the middle of Berlin – the African restaurant Bejte Ethiopia scores with traditional dishes from Ethiopia. The rooms of the restaurant are traditionally furnished and carry off guests to the African continent. Ethiopian food requires a lot of tact and sensitiveness. Without cutlery you have to guide the food elegantly to your mouth. And you will notice: It is not that easy to eat completely without cutlery. If you want to you can also enjoy your meal outsides on the terrace underneath the open sky.

Every evening at 08:00 pm guests witness the traditional coffee ceremony. The green coffee beans get roasted in front of the audience so they can enjoy their incredible smell. Afterwards the coffee beans are grinded and get brewed with water. Guests enjoy their freshly brewed coffee in small cups along with some popcorn or bread.

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