Café mint

Very British indeed – this is how one feels at Café mint in the botanical Volkspark Pankow.
Foto: Mint Foods

© Foto: Mint Foods

Either you eat homemade elderberry-lemon tarts or fresh scones with clotted cream and jam here, meanwhile sipping an Earl Grey tea or enjoying an excellent coffee. There are always some cheesecakes to choose from, a fruity example is the one with elderflower and lemon.

At café mint you sit in the middle of the park with a sunlit, glass greenhouse surrounded by blue blooming gentian and bright fuchsia colored oleanders. The plain steel and glass construction of the greenhouse that can also be rented for private parties ensures that the whole scenery does not seem cheesy. The subsequent walk through the Volkspark up to the geological wall where different rock types are explained is a must, but one full of fun!


Blankenfelder Chaussee, 5, 13159, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Fri - Sun & Holidays

11:00 am - 05:00 pm



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At Blankenfelder Chaussee

Park Ticket

1.00 Euro

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Cash only