Alte Fasanerie - Family Farm Lübars

The Alte Fasanerie in Berlin- Reinickendorf is a children's farm, an extracurricular learning place and offers holiday programs.
Foto: Alte Fasanerie

© Foto: Alte Fasanerie

The Alte Fasanerie (Old Pheasantry), the former family farm Lübars, is an oasis for children and families in Berlin- Reinickendorf. There are many native animal species such as mini pigs, pheasants, goats, sheep and even alpacas.
Children have here plenty of room to romp around. In educational courses children can discover nature. In the farm school you can bake bread or make herb butter yourself. For active children there is a wood workshop and a workshop for those who want to can learn to make pottery. Every second Friday at 4 pm a cinema is offered in the courtyard for children 6 years and older.

During the big holidays in the Alte Fasanerie a holiday program is also offered. From Monday to Friday, children can have active holidays here, help with the harvest, care for animals, cook together, do handicrafts and discover nature.

Depending on the season, there are always nice parties at the Alte Fasanerie, also children’s birthday parties can be celebrated here. Occasionally there is even a flea market where children can sell their toys.

Since 2014, the Alte Fasanerie has been run by Elisabethstift, which has been active in child and youth welfare in Berlin for years and runs two daycare centres and a school in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

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