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Balloon Ride

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

A ride in a hot air balloon is the perfect mixture of adventure and a truly romantic experience.

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BBQ on Tempelhof Feld

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Foto: Gruen Berlin | Christo Libuda

Tempelhofer Feld or "on Tempelhof" for short like many Berliners say, has the luxury of having three designated BBQ area. They are located near the entrances on Oderstraße, Columbiadamm and Tempelhofer Damm.

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Foto: Silverwings

The Silverwings is located on the grounds of Tempelhof Airport and its history is closely linked to it.

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Wild House

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Foto: Mantastic Sixx Paxx

You can find the hottest strippers of the capital in Berlin’s first strip-club just for women – a party at Wild House and the show Sixx Paxx are creating the perfect “Magic Mike” moment.

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G-Star Outlet

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Foto: G-Star Outlet

The G-Star Outlet offers a wide range of the collections – jeans, tops, jackets, bags, accessories and even socks.

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Foto: Helmut Biess

A very special and unique experience for the bachelorette party is a professional photo shoot.

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The Sixties Diner

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Foto: The Sixties Diner

„Back to the American 1960s“ – that's the motto of The Sixties Diner at Mariendorf.

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Segway Tour on Tempelhofer Feld

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

A Segway tour on the area of Tempelhofer Freiheit is an idea for all who would like to do something else than a normal city tour with TV Tower and the likes but at the same time give a different approach to Berlin City life.

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New Year's Eve Party at the Amber Suite

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Foto: Amber Suite

The New Year's Eve Party 2017 at the Amber Suite combines a wild party with a buffet - a real feel-good place!

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Europe Raceway Berlin

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Foto: Europe Raceway Berlin

Europe Raceway Berlin offers a home to Berlin slotters of all age groups. In Berlin-Marienfelde they can practice their hobby slot racing, meaning racing with rail-bound model cars.

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New Year's Eve at Stone Brewing Berlin

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Foto: sieben&siebzig

At the turn of the year 2017/2018, the New Year's Eve party at Stone Brewing Berlin in Mariendorf will be celebrated with craft beer.

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Skating Track Airport Tempelhof

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

Tempelhofer Feld is Europe's biggest inner city park with ample space for inline skating!

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Tanzschule Traumtänzer

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Foto: Tanzschule Traumtänzer

Learn salsa inside the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof at the dancing school Tanzschule Traumtänzer where social encounters are almost as important as dancing itself.

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ufaFabrik Kids' Farm

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Foto: ufaFabrik Kinderbauernhof

The ponies, wooly pigs and rabbits are certainly the main attractions for children at Tempelhof's ufaFabrik with its 1.600 square metres.

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Stone Brewing Berlin

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Foto: sieben&siebzig

The American brewery Stone Brewing in Berlin-Mariendorf offers the finest craft and artisanal beers, an eclectic menu and the perfect site for birthdays for men and beer lovers.

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Dockx Berlin

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Foto: Dockx Berlin

The indoor playground at Tempelhofer Hafen is great fun for young and old – including a 3D black light miniature golf court and a laser tag arena.

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Alte Liebe Tempelhof

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Foto: BBI Gastrokonzept

This nice summer location of the Marina Tempelhof in the Tempelhof harbour is now part of the event location Pier 13 Berlin.

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Salitos Beach at Pier 13

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Foto: BBI Gastrokonzept

Pier 13 is the new event location at the Tempelhof Harbour promising great summer relaxation.

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Footvolley at Area 85

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Foto: dpa

At south beach Berlin of Area 85 in Berlin-Tempelhof you can play the new trend sport Footvolley from Brazil - a combination of beach volleyball and football.

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White Cut

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Foto: White Cut

Cut and Go is associated with relaxation in the Salon White Cut in Berlin-Friedenau.

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