Chorin Monastery

The Chorin Monastery in the scenic Schorfheide in the outskirts of the Uckermark is one of the most popular destinations in Brandenburg, not only because of the nationally famous Chorin Music Summer.
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Fans of classical music know the former Cistercian monastery in Chorin mainly because of classical concerts of the Chorin Music Summer. But also apart from this popular literary event, the Chorin Monastery is a beautiful destination for those interested in history. It also is a nice place for nature lovers and the whole family. The monastery has around 95.000 visitors a year, including many Berliners.

With a free app of the monastery you can immerse yourself in the history of the monastery and imagine how the monks lived in the Middle Ages. Guided tours and exhibitions explain the organization of a monastery, show how the monks worked and what influence the monastery had on the region.

Visitors can participate at various historical tours in the monastery or take advantage of educational offers such as family history or concerts, plays, readings and craft workshops. The markets and festivals that take place at Chorin Monastery, such as Easter holidays, the herbal and ceramic days in October or the Sundays of Advent, are widely popular. The premises of the monastery are temporarily used for exhibitions, weddings or as meeting rooms. Nature lovers can observe birds and bats in the old walls of the monastery.

On summer-weekends music lovers come to Chorin Music Summer to enjoy the classical music of national and international ensembles on their picnic blankets on the meadows of the monastery.

A pretty café in the monastery takes care of dining needs. The café is run by Ökodorf Brodowin and offers regional specialties and homemade cakes made with organic ingredients. With the famous breakfast at the monastery you can start your trip to the monastery perfectly as the price of 15.95 Euro not only includes breakfast, but also the entrance into the monastery and its exhibitions.

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Chorin Monastery

Amt Chorin 1, 16230 Chorin




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09:00 am - 06:00 pm

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10:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Adults: 6.00 Euro; discount ticket: 3.50 Euro; children (from 7 years on): 3.50 Euro

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