TV Tower Berlin

Berlin's TV Tower is one of the most emblematic sights of the city and with its 368 metres of height not only Berlin's but Germany's highest building.
Foto: dpa picture-alliance

© Foto: dpa picture-alliance

TV Tower Berlin

© TV Tower Berlin

Foto: dpa picture-alliance

© Foto: dpa picture-alliance

A lift takes the guests up to the viewing platform of the TV Tower Berlin and the rotating restaurant “Sphere”, which offers you a 360° vista. From up here the bustling metropolis looks like a miniature version of itself in a toy store. Even sights that are further away, like the Reichstag, the Olympic Stadium in Grunewald can be spotted from up here.

Also world-renowned sights in the city centre like the Brandenburg Gate or the miniature version of Berlin Hauptbahnhof are a discovery from up here. Try to spot from a bird’s eye view the ruins of an old monastery not far from the TV Tower, which, as one of the few remnants of medieval Berlin, just doesn’t seem to fit in with the modern day Berlin all around Alexanderplatz.

If the vista has triggered your curiosity, why not use your new-found sights to go exploring them on the ground? Fitting destinations with the Middle Ages would for example the close by Nikolaiviertel (St. Nicholas’ Quarter) with the Red Townhall and the Restaurant “Letzte Instanz”.

Here you can get your Fast view & Window Seat Restaurant Ticket.

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November to February

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Adults: 13.00 Euro; children (4-16 years): 8.50 Euro; Fast View Tickets: 17.50 Euro, advantages: no waiting times, order on the internet, book a window seat in the restaurant.