Nature Center Blumberg Mill

Located within the Schorfheide-Chorin nature conservation association the NABU has set up the multimedia Nature Center Blumberg Mill.
Foto: dpa

© Foto: dpa

The Blumberg Mill is a popular destination and attracts many visitors. Even the building of Blumberg Mill is exciting as it is modeled on a hollow tree trunk whereas the inside shows an exhibition on forests, including many interactive elements. After having visited the exhibition, one enters the outer area of the nature center and is located right in the middle of the field of terrapins.

The Nature Center Blumberg Mill is the only walk-in plant in Germany where the terrapins can be observed in their natural environment. In the further walkabout of the outdoor area many different habitats, various animals and rare plants can be seen. There are 21 fish ponds, 12 hectares of a designed nature adventure landscape, several nature conservation- and environmental exhibitions and an otter enclosure.

The Nature Center Blumberg Mill offers tours on various topics such as water, meadow and forest but is also dedicated to the subject of environmental education. These include outdoor field trips and project days for kindergartens and schools. There are also individual offers for families. In a laboratory, naturalists can marvel at aquatic organisms under a microscope after an excursion with the landing net. In the studio insects hotels and birds nesting boxes can be built. After all the research and learning, children can relax in a large children’s area with a water source and a maze.

The NABU Adventure Center also repeatedly offers events, such as the Stork Festival for children where young explorers are invited to play and experiment. For school classes environmental camps are offered.

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Blumberger Mühle, 2, 16278, Angermünde, Germany




Business Hours

April - October

Mon - Sun

09:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Adults: 4.00 Euro; discount ticket: 3.00 Euro; children (4-14 years): 1.00 Euro; family ticket (2 adults + 3 children): 7.00 Euro; free entry for NABU members and Angermünde citizens