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The NENI Berlin located in the 25hours hotel bikini berlin scores above all with its breathtaking panorama view of City West.
Foto: 25h Hotels

© Foto: 25h Hotels

Foto: 25h Hotels

© Foto: 25h Hotels

Foto: 25h Hotels

© Foto: 25h Hotels

Foto: 25h Hotels

© Foto: 25h Hotels

Foto: 25h Hotels

© Foto: 25h Hotels

The restaurant NENI Berlin is located in a superimposed rooftop floor on top of the 25hours Bikini Berlin and offers next to an Israeli-Oriental cuisine a fabulous view of City West and the Zoological Garden. The ambience on the 10th floor is uncomplicated with a young feel to it, you could nearly call it “collegiate”. You take your seat in a kind of greenhouse at wooden tables on colourful chairs. The service there is exquisite and very friendly.

Referring to her style of cuisine, chef Haya Molcho does not like to be pressed into just one direction. You will find Persian, Russian, Arabic, Moroccan, Turkish, Spanish but also German and Austrian influences in her creations. The individual helpings are rather small but the idea of the kitchen concept is to order various dishes and sample them together as a group. This is fun and provides for better communication.

The Jerusalem Plate for example is made of grilled chicken with pita bread. Mild and also suited for children are for example chicken strips in almond crust. As a side dish you will most often get hummus, an oriental purrée of chick peas.

Top10 Berlin tip: when you are at the NENI, check out the neighbouring Monkey Bar!

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Budapester Straße, 40, 10787, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Monday to Friday

12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

12:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Important information


There is a parking garage which does not belong to the hotel however. Parking fee per hour 2,50 euro, after 7 hours the daily fee of 16,00 euro apply. Parking tickets can be paid at the reception desk on the third floor, all cards accepted.