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Rises Delicacies

Rises Delicacies

The Greek deli Rices Delicacies in Berlin-Mitte also includes a small restaurant.

People looking for authentic Greek food are in good hands at the Restaurant Rises Delicacies in Berlin Mitte. At Veteranenstraße close to Brunnenstraße you will find the small Greek shop with an adjoining restaurant. The walls of Rises Delicacies are sunny yellow, the shelves full of Greek delicatessen, the tables rustic. In this place guests are reminded of a summer holiday in Greece. Oil, wine, olives, sardines fillets, honey, truffle salt, a counter with Greek cheese specialties - in the delicatessen with attached tavern products are offered, which come from small Greek manufacturers and factories.

On the tavern's small but refined menu, the likeable Greek owners of the Rises Delicacies offer mixed meze, fava, stuffed grape leaves, roasted sheep and goat cheese and as main courses moussaka, wholemeal pasta, meatballs according to grandma's recipe or pastitsio, greek mince macaroni casserole.

The name of the Rises Delicacies was chosen wisely. "Rises" in Greek means "roots". The products used in the restaurant are original and are carefully selected by the owners of manufacturers from all over Greece and imported into the small shop in Berlin.

In summer, guests sit outside the restaurant on small bistro tables and look at the Weinbergspark on the opposite.

Special tip: Every Sunday a traditional Greek breakfast with variations of Greek yoghurt, egg dishes and delicious coffee is served at Rises Delicacies.

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Rises Delicacies

Veteranenstraße 25
10119 Berlin





Business hours

  • Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm

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