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Foto: Top10 Berlin

For all who place great importance on organic food, the currywurst of Witty's in Schöneberg is the sausage to go for.

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Farmers' and Organic Market on Boxhagener Platz

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Foto: FriWoMa GbR

Fresh organic tofu, fresh must made from juices or high-quality oils are are just examples of what you will find alongside regional fruit and veggies sold in around 100 stalls at this farmers' and organic market on Boxhagener Platz.

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Café Kapelle

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Acai drinks, fresh brown bread from the Rhineland and an overall healthy and natural way of preparing the food are just some attributes of Café Kapelle.

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Foto: Daluma | Ailine Liefeld

Vegan, organic and tasty – the Daluma in Berlin-Mitte serves healthy lunch and breakfast as kit food.

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Bakery Wiener Brot

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Foto: Beth Jennings Photography Berlin

The Wiener Brot is a bakery run by the well-known TV chef Sarah Wiener. Her baker's shop uses a traditional, wood-fired oven.

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Brot & Butter

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Best dairy products, daily fresh sourdough bread and ham from Germany and Spain in addition to many other culinary revelations are offered by Brot & Butter ("Bread & Butter"), a bakery with its own bakehouse in Haus Hardenberg on Ernst-Reuter-Platz.

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Almodovar Hotel

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Foto: Sabine Büttner Photography und MIKA-fotografie I Berlin

If you are cultivating a conscious lifestyle at home, you should take a closer look at the organic Almodovar Hotel in Friedrichshain for your next trip to Berlin.

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Weekly Market at Südstern

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Foto: Wochenmarkt am Südstern / diemarktplaner

Many vendors from Berlin and Brandenburg sell their goodies on the green market in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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Farmers' Market on Karl-August-Platz

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

The farmers' market on Karl-August-Platz banks on a healthy and colourful mix of fruit and veggies with lots of organic products in the market stalls around the Trinitatis Church.

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Endorphina Backkunst

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Foto: dpa

Endorphina Backkunst is a Berlin bakery using only organically produced ingredients for their baked creations.

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Kindercafé Paul und Paula

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Foto: Kindercafé Paul und Paula

Organic juices, self-made cushions, home-made waffles and cake from organic eggs - this café offers a family-like atmosphere with a special flair and lots of space to play for the kids.

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Foto: Top10 Redaktion

The self-made organic pasta by pastapresti can be summed up in one word: addtictive!

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Organic Market on Kollwitzplatz

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Foto: GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V

Bread from the bakery ufaBäckerei, home-made jams and even the crêpes with nut spread - everything sold on the farmers' market on Kolliwitzplatz is entirely organic.

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Trattoria Ponte Verde

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Foto: Trattoria Ponte Verde

Vegetarian, and upon choice vegan and organic are the Italian recipes of Trattoria Ponte Verde in Neukölln's Richardstraße neighbourhood. Close by for vegetarians are also Café Vux and Sfizy.

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Kinder-Wirtschaft - closed

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Foto: Kinder-Wirtschaft

A labyrinth stretching over several storeys which serves at the same time as a climbing parcours and viewing platform turns Kinderwirtschaft into a playing paradise for smaller and bigger children between ages 2 - 6.

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The Bowl

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Foto: The Bowl | Joy Fischer

The vegan restaurant The Bowl is CLOSED. If you want to suggest a new restaurant, please send us an email:

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