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Top10 List: Child-Friendly Cafés

Things are not always easy for families. You want to have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee in a nice café and all of a sudden your child starts crying - you know how awkward some people react to that. This is not necessary anymore! Berlin has countless child-friendly cafés, enjoyable for both parents and child. The kids are the centre of attention here and can play all they want with other kids, while their parents enjoy their coffee. The Top10 Team presents you ten relaxed places where kids and their parents are more than welcome. That way, the trip to the café will be enjoyable for everybody!

Rank 1: Café Schönhausen

4.88 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Kindercafé Schönhausen

At Café Schönhausen young parents will find all they need. Next to family-style cakes and home-made food there is a little store for accessoires to make family excursions easier.

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Rank 2: Kindercafé Milchbart

4.85 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Kindercafé Milchbart

Jumping about, colouring, sandbox, playing or just be amazed - all that is possible at Kindercafé Milchbart.

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Rank 3: Familiencafé Emma und Paul

4.83 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Familiencafé Emma und Paul

Play kitchen, a pirates' ship, a wooden train, little cars, colouring books, Lego bricks and much more await the little explorers at Familiencafé Emma und Paul.

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Rank 4: Amitola

4.70 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Amitola

The versatile Amitola close to Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain is a child-friendly café, a creative workshop and store all rolled into one.

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Rank 5: Child-friendly café Wunderland

4.53 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Kindercafé Wunderland

Romping, playing and climbing – Kindercafé Wunderland in Wilmersdorf is a feel good spot for children.

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Rank 6: Family Café Zaunkönig

4.50 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

The family cafe Zaunkönig (wren) addresses the age group 0 to 99 with good coffee, home-baked cake, play corner and toboggan.

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Rank 7: Café Kreuzzwerg

4.42 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Café Kreuzzwerg

The 150 square metres of Café Kreuzzwerg offer enough space for playing, jumping around and making new discoveries.

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Rank 8: Schnattertinchen

4.11 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

The children-friendly café Schnattertinchen in Pankow offers home-made snacks and diverse leisure time activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Rank 9: Kindercafé Paul und Paula

4.08 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Kindercafé Paul und Paula

Organic juices, self-made cushions, home-made waffles and cake from organic eggs - this café offers a family-like atmosphere with a special flair and lots of space to play for the kids.

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Rank 10: Family café Mi Mundo

4.06 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Familiencafé Mi Mundo

The small, comfy and family-friendly café Mi Mundo in Berlin-Spandau offers a lot of fun activities for children from Berlin and border cities.

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