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Farmers' Market on Karl-August-Platz

Farmers' Market on Karl-August-Platz

The farmers' market on Karl-August-Platz banks on a healthy and colourful mix of fruit and veggies with lots of organic products in the market stalls around the Trinitatis Church.

Fruit and veggies from organic production, Neuland meat and a large array of flowers (some are even edible!) attract the customers to Charlottenburg's Karl-August-Platz. The offer gets completed with cheese, sausage and meat, mushrooms and antipasti.

The markets is used to seeing between 40 - 100 vendors and there are a lot of interesting things to discover there: one of them being the potato variety "Linda" - indredibly hard to find -, lavender, exclusive chocolates or fresh pasta. Add to that mediterranean specials like flatbread, olives, olive oil and goat cheese.

A real insiders' tip from Top10 Berlin: swing by the store Pestodealer Berlin nearby (Goethestraße 34) to get the right sauce for your fresh pasta!


Farmers' Market on Karl-August-Platz

Karl-August-Platz 1
10627 Berlin




Business hours

  • Wednesday: 08:00 am - 01:00 pm
  • Saturday: 08:00 am - 02:00 pm

Important information

  • What can you expect there?: Fruit, veggies (often organic and regional), lots of potato varieties, large selection of flowers, meat, sausages, fish, cheese, eggs, egg pasta, bread, baked goods, flatbread, Turkish spreads, olives, antipasti, dried fruit, honey, chocolate, oils, clothes, jewellery, snack stalls with soups, Bratwurst, falafel and shawarma, mobile coffee and espresso bar
  • Number of Market Stalls: 40 (winter) to 100 (summer)
  • Parking : Difficult


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The farmers' market on Karl-August-Platz banks on a healthy and colourful mix of fruit and veggies with lots of organic products in the market stalls around the Trinitatis Church.

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Though the market has a history of than 80 years, the farmers' market on the intersection of Genter Straße/Ostender Straße is still widely regarded an insiders' tip.

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Bread from the bakery ufaBäckerei, home-made jams and even the crêpes with nut spread - everything sold on the farmers' market on Kolliwitzplatz is entirely organic.

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Home-made cloth bags, jewellery and wallets - the market on Hackescher Markt gives you an idea that it is located in a tourist hotspot.

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Juicy oranges, fresh herbs in pots and Neuland-Meat - with about only 20 vendors the market variety here is somewhat on the smaller side.

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