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Flea Market Arkonaplatz

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Foto: Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz

What about your own flea market booth instead of just strolling across a market? Cleaning out and looking for stuff to sell is making good use of time and splendid fun at the same time!

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Antique Market on Ostbahnhof

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Foto: dpa

On Sundays there is a big antique market on Berlin's Ostbahnhof.

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Jumble Sale on Boxhagener Platz

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

Anything from Art Nouveau lamps to acoustic treasures on vinyl to second-hand clothing for kids and adults alike - that's the scope of goods that await you in the jumble sale booths on Boxhagener Platz.

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Flea Market Schöneberg

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If you are looking for a "real" flea market to barter and haggle, don't miss out on going to the Schöneberg City Hall.

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Visit a Flea Market

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Photo: Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz

Flea markets are very popular in Berlin and there are many to visit. In these markets, you can find really unusual products for a very attractive price.

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