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Flea Market Schöneberg

Flea Market Schöneberg

If you are looking for a "real" flea market to barter and haggle, don't miss out on going to the Schöneberg City Hall.

The jumble sale takes place on Saturdays and Sundays and is the counterpart market to the professional traders on Straße des 17. Juni and the designer wares at flea market of Mauerpark.

This is an old-school flea market with articles from household clearings and discoveries in attics with tons of porcelains and glasses, books or old cassette tapes for children.

Admittedly, you need to be an experienced scanner to unearth real treasures here. But every now and then you can find the total bargain, especially when it comes to second-hand fashion.

Top10 Team insiders' tip: If you really want to reap some spoils and not just stroll over the market, you have to be an early bird there.

Please check the website prior to your visit, bring your mask and act responsible.


Flea Market Schöneberg

John-F.-Kennedy-Platz 1
10825 Berlin




Business hours

  • Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 am - 04:00 pm

Important information

  • Reservation: Distribution of place one week in advance. Rental: Tables are supplied, roofless tables 27,00 euro, roofed tables 35,00 euro (Saturday) resp. 39,00 euro (Sunday).


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Rank 1: Mauerpark Flea Market

4.95 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa picture-alliance

The flea market at Mauerpark has long attained cult status. All year long you can find anything from household clearances to designers, artists and cooks who offer their wares.

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Rank 2: Flea Market Arkonaplatz

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Foto: Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz

What about your own flea market booth instead of just strolling across a market? Cleaning out and looking for stuff to sell is making good use of time and splendid fun at the same time!

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Rank 3: Antique and Book Market at Bodemuseum

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Foto: Antique and Book Market at Bodemuseum

The Antique and Book Market at Bodemuseum is a market-experience of the special kind not only for tourists.

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Rank 4: Antique Market on Ostbahnhof

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Foto: dpa

On Sundays there is a big antique market on Berlin's Ostbahnhof.

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Rank 5: Flea Market Straße des 17. Juni

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Every Saturday and Sunday the oldest (since 1973), biggest and most likely most well-known flea market of Berlin takes place on Straße des 17. Juni.

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Rank 6: Jumble Sale on Boxhagener Platz

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

Anything from Art Nouveau lamps to acoustic treasures on vinyl to second-hand clothing for kids and adults alike - that's the scope of goods that await you in the jumble sale booths on Boxhagener Platz.

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Rank 7: Flea Market Schöneberg

4.24 of 5 Top10Points
Fotos: Top10 Berlin

If you are looking for a "real" flea market to barter and haggle, don't miss out on going to the Schöneberg City Hall.

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Rank 8: Jumble Sale on Marheinekeplatz

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Foto: dpa

The charming jumble sale on Marheinkeplatz located on the end of Bergmannstraße is breathing the flair of the whole neighbourbood, a place mentioned in all guide books due to its huge amount of bars and cafés.

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Rank 9: Art Market and Jumble Sale on Fehrbelliner Platz

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Foto: Kunst- und Trödelmarkt Fehrbelliner Platz | Burdack Märkte

The art market and jumble sale at Fehrbelliner Platz has something to offer for every budget.

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Rank 10: Arena Indoor Flea Market

3.70 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa

Singles above all like to fill a boring Sunday afternoon with a flea market stroll. The indoor flea market at the Arena Treptow is the ideal place to go "hunting".

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