Berlin is definitely the single capital of Germany! Nearly half of all Berliners live single. Sounds like a heaven for flirting but reality often brings you back to ground and raises the questions where these tons of singles hide! The Top10 Team has embarked on an expedition to find them and came up with the best places for meeting singles and the finest flirt locations in town. From now on you can forget about the ads in the newspapers or any other way to meet your still unknown special someone, check out the top10 list for Single Locations.

  • Foto: Socialmatch

    The idea of Socialmatch is as simple as it is charming. Singles meet for a game night in the Volksbar and by the way you get closer.

  • Foto: Carlo Schmid

    Meet new people and enjoy entertaining cocktail workshops at ShakeNight in Berlin’s most exciting bars.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    Lots of singles use the track at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sporting Park in the morning and the evening for their jogging rounds.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    Falling in love is easy at Kreuzberg's Urbanhafen - that's at least what singer Funny van Dannen says.

  • Foto: Clärchens Ballhaus

    In the 100 years of its history, Clärchens Ballhaus ("Clärchens Ballroom") has earned a couple of risqué nicknames.

  • Foto: 8mm Bar

    The 8mm Bar is about the size of your living room at home, so a first-class location to get talking with new people.

  • Foto: dpa picture-alliance

    Singles above all like to fill a boring Sunday afternoon with a flea market stroll. The indoor flea market at the Arena Treptow is the ideal place to go "hunting".

  • Foto: dpa picture-alliance

    ”Awwww, what a sweet pooch!” - dogs are the perfect alibi to get to know a potential new partner.

  • Foto: dpa

    The freezer area of the Rewe Supermarket is infamous for flirting and where better to start a conversation of what to shop best for?

  • Foto: Mangelwirtschaft

    This comfy laundermat at Prenzlauer Berg with its small café, the laundry bar, the mirror balls hanging over the washing machines and the warm lighting provide the ideal backdrop for a really romantic story.