No matter if it is dressing up for carnival, Halloween or just the right outfit for the Bohème Sauvage party - there are countless occasions to disguise yourself all year round. The Top10 Team has checked the best places for costume rentals and fancy dresses in Berlin for helping you just to find that special costume! Have fun digging through their stocks!

  • Foto: Theaterkunst

    Anyone looking for a costume in Wilmersdorf is in good hands with the pros at Theaterkunst!

  • Foto:

    In this costume shop the customer is definitely king! No matter if you want to be a pirate, a zombie or even a dragon. If you are looking for a gorgeous costume in this stylish new shop on Oranienburger Straße, you will certainly find it there.

  • Foto: Wilberlin

    Wildberlin is not far from the subway station Südstern in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is a costume rental and a gallery.

  • Foto: Ka Wai Ho in cooperation with Deiters

    Countless costumes, make-up, decoration accessories and masks: Deiters in Berlin-Mite has everything that you need for an unforgettable theme party!

  • Foto: Kostüm-Zauberei

    At Kostüm-Zauberei in Berlin-Adlershof you will find hand-made costumes only!

  • Foto: ClothingLand

    In Neukölln you can find the costume store ClothingLand, which impresses fans of superheroes, Star Wars and Harry Potter with a variety of costumes and accessories.

  • Foto: Adlershofer Fundus

    The fundus Adlershofer Requisiten- und Kostümfundus on the grounds of the Media City offers up to 35,000 historical and modern costumes, wigs and accessories of many styles.

  • Foto: Schnick Dee Kostümverleih

    At Schnick Dee in Berlin-Schöneberg you can get high quality and professional costumes for theater performances and events or costumes for the next theme party.

  • Foto: Deko Behrendt

    Deko Behrendt located in Berlin-Schöneberg sells costumes, props and everything you need for a theme party, carnival or a photo shoot.

  • Foto: Bonnie & Kleid

    The little second-hand and costume shop Bonnie & Kleid in Berlin-Kreuzberg offers vintage costumes for the next fancy-dress party!