"Flowers say more than a thousand words" - this is something often heard. Flowers are always a good choice, especially when they are arranged creatively and come from the heart. No matter if the occasion is a wedding, Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a birthday or just a very special way of saying "Thank you" - flowers are always a special gift when picked with love.
  • Flower and Art

    This beautiful flower shop in Wedding wants to do more than just make bouquets for you. The motto of Flower and Art sounds fairly simple:"Art comes from an eye for detail, and every flower itself already is a work of art".

  • Florale Welten

    Definitely one of the most impressive flower shops of Berlin with much more than only the usual variety of flowers you expect to find in a flower shop.


    As the first flower shop in Germany, BLUMEN-KOCH BERLIN was awarded 5 stars by Fleurop AG. Floral arrangements of flowers, leaves, sprays and fruits are composed according to the wished of the clients to have just the right present for every occasion.

  • Marsano Berlin

    What would the nicest flowers be without the matching vase?

  • Forum Floranum

    At the Forum Floranum the focus is on creative, personalised bouquets in stead of mass production.

  • Dornröschen

    The flower shop Dornröschen offers floristics of all kinds. Be it for a birthday, a bouquet for your loved one or just some flowers on the go - no matter what the occasion may be, their staff will always come up with an alternative to boring run o'the mill bouquets.

  • Blumen Holm

    Blumen Holm's staff of nine florists is willing to do anything for their clients. Creativity and standing out among the masses are the prime goals here.

  • Fridas Töchter

    A wide variety of plants, very creative bouquet compositions with the matching vases and puts - this is the signature of this flower shop with style.

  • FlorArtistic

    FlorArtistic is a small flower shop with a lot of love for detail. Next to original bouquets and exotic plants, the clients can also have their own ideas turned into a dazzling arrangement.

  • Der Rosenkavalier

    The Rosenkavalier will certainly not disappoint you with boring standard arrangements.