Fashion from Second Hand Shops has long lost its fame for being dingy but has become rather trendy again. Stars and style icons like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss but also streetstyle-blogs like "Stil in Berlin" show how to combine second-hand pieces of clothing with other pieces to something uniquely cool-looking. If you want to go for this look as well, Berlin has a host of second hand clothing shops. Stores that sell hardly-worn vintage pieces from movie productions, shops selling true rarities from Iceland and the USA up to the cosy neighbourhood corner shop with pieces for 1 euro bargains - Berlin has all of this and more. The Top10 Team wishes you the best of luck when hunting through the second hand shops of Berlin!

  • Foto: Pick n Weight | Christian Bendel

    Second Hand fashion by the kilo sells the „Pick n Weight Vintage Store“ in Berlin-Mitte.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    Premium vintage clothing by Acne, Marc Jacobs or Chloé instead of H&M - that is the motto of SOEUR in Prenzlauer Berg.

  • Foto: Garments Vintage Clothing

    Located in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg the second-hand shop Garments Vintage Clothing convinces its customers with hardly worn designer fashion.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    Paul's Boutique in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg will make fans of jeans and sneakers jump with joy!

  • Foto: Das Neue Schwarz

    In Berlin-Mitte the second-hand shop Das Neue Schwarz sells high-quality designer clothes only.

  • Foto: Macy'z

    Macy's in Berlin-Charlottenburg is a hip second-hand store for trendy designer clothing and fashion accessories.

  • Foto: Veist Kleidergeschichten

    Veist Kleidergeschichten in Neukölln offers second-hand vintage clothes with impressive stories of their previous owners!

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    Made in Berlin is one of the largest second-hand shops in Berlin and offers colorful second-hand and vintage fashion for women and men on two floors.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    A top by Hugo Boss for only 35 Euros or an almost new Prada evening dress for 150 Euros, fans of big fashion brands will love the noble second hand shop Sommerladen in the Linienstraße in Mitte.

  • Foto: Top10 Berlin

    The Trash Schick in Berlin-Friedrichshain sells quality second-hand shoes and cheap designer clothes to stylish vintage fans.