What women really want is a mystery for many men. And when it comes to gifts for the loved one, the riddle seems even bigger. But luckily the Top10 editorial team gives a little insight into the female soul. Dear men, this Top10 Berlin list is made for you by women. It is supposed to serve as an inspiration and hopefully prevents some disappointed faces at Christmas, birthday, wedding day or any other day when a woman deserves a present. And that's actually every day, just to solve a mystery.

  • Foto: Bayrische Hausbau

    Anyone looking for something extremely cool and absolutely unique will surely find an exceptional gift in the concept store LNFA - Live Networking Fashion & Art in the Concept Mall Bikini Berlin.

  • Foto: Frau Tonis Parfum

    Perfumes are a classic gift for women, but Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin offers special perfumes for individualists.

  • Foto: Sara Conte

    Giving jewellery as a present is not really a new idea, but it depends on the jewellery! The small, very fine pieces of jewellery designed by Sara Conte are absolutely unique and made in Berlin!

  • Foto: Astor Film Lounge

    What could be more romantic than a cinematic three-course meal in the beautiful restaurant Duke and a subsequent visit to the Astor Film Lounge? This combo can be booked as a gift set "Cinema & Kitchen" at the Ellington Hotel.

  • Foto: Liebeskind Berlin GmbH

    The stylish handbags by Liebeskind Berlin offer space, look great and almost automatically become your favourite handbags. If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, you will certainly find it at the Liebeskind Berlin Store in Berlin-Mitte.

  • Foto: Regal Rocker

    In the store Regal Rocker in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, not far from the Helmholtzplatz, many beautiful handcrafted little things from different artists are offered.

  • Foto: Tukadu

    The Tukadu in Mitte is a store for pearls and jewelry design and a mecca for those who want to create their own jewelry.

  • Foto: Von und zu Tisch

    Von Tisch zu Tisch is a high-quality delicatessen store during the day and becomes Berlin's smallest gourmet restaurant in the evening.

  • Foto: Eliza & Lieblingsstücke

    The café Eliza & Lieblingsstücke (favorite pieces) offers aromatic coffee and delicious pastries as well as a large variety of gift items.

  • Foto: Tanzschule Bebop

    Hot rhythms, swinging turns and pirouettes - why not give away time for two and learn how to dance in the dance school Bebop in Kreuzberg?