Havel – Badestelle Kuhhorn

Tucked away in the Grunewald, deserted and absolutely peaceful - if you prefer a calmer place to go for a swim, the bathing spot Badestelle Kuhhorn on the banks of the Havel might just be the place for you.


Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin

Next to a bigger sandy beach close to the lifeguard station, there are several smaller bathing coves with flat descents into water for easy access. Though the water gets somewhat cloudy a couple of metres away from the bank, it is still good to bathe in. After all, this water is also used for drinking water processing.

The sailing and motor boats on the Havel provide for waves at no cost but the gas of the location is the ice cream boat, stopping by regularly. All in all: this bathing spot is still a real insiders’ tip.


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Havel – Badestelle Kuhhorn

Straße am Schildhorn 5, 14193 Berlin




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Important information

Recreation Area

Large sandy beach, a couple of smaller coves



Water Quality

Information on the current water quality in all of Berlin's lakes can be obtained from Lageso, the Office for Sanitary and Social Affairs under phone +49 30 90229 5555

Swimming Factor

Fairly good place to swim, moored buoys define the area where the boats travel - the boats provide for waves at no cost when passing.

Bathing Crowd

Hardly anybody there. During the test bathing of the Top10 Team there was a maximum of 5 people at the same time: a grandma with her grandchildren and a lady bathing au naturel.

Sun/Shade Relation

Very little shade available


No snack joints nearby, an ice cream vendor on a boat passes regularly. The closest restaurants are GEW Hotel Haus Schildhorn, Wirtshaus Schildhorn and Schildhornbaude. They are located near the parking and the bus stop where you arrive.

Next Toilet

None by the water, the closest facilities are in the restaurants

How to get there

The remoteness of this bathing spot certainly has soemthing to do with its location. From the parking and the bus stop for the 218 bus you walk down Schildhornstraße to GEW Hotel Haus Schildhorn. From there, you take the left path leading to the bathing spot. It's a walk of about 15 minutes, certainly a lot quicker by bike ;-)


Some parking spaces available, these can fill up quickly however on hot days.